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As we have launched our Blu-ray products I should write up some FAQ’s and stuff to help people understand the common questions about Blu-ray so I’m asking for your help… Do you have questions you’d like answered or things you don’t understand? Post your questions here and I’ll answer them, and incorporate them into the FAQ’s on Pioneer’s website.


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I have a Pioneer BDC-2202 with an ASUS P5B Deluxe Motherboard WiFi-AP Edition, an nVidia 7950GT Graphics Card connected by DVI/HDMI connector to a Sony 46" XBR-3 LCD Screen, 2gb RAM, and an E6600 Core 2 Duo Processor. Using the OEM Version of WinDVD 8 supplied, it plays Pirates of the Caribbean - The Black Pearl fine. However, on disks with region codes (Reservoir Dogs and The Lives of Others), I get a “Mismatch between disc and player region codes” error and am dead in the water. Any ideas? TIA.


What about AnyDVD HD?

I tried AnyDVD. While it removed the mismatch message, whenever I tried to play the disk, WinDVD 8 would immediately change back to “stop” with nothing from the disk appearing on the TV. This was the same suggestion I received from an nVidia tech, but AnyDVD does not appear to be compatible with the OEM version of WinDVD 8. Thanks.

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Just got Hustle & Flow from NetFlix today (Blu-Ray format) and it plays fine. Is it possible for a Blu-Ray disc from NetFlix to be damaged enough so that I get the “mismatch between disc and player region codes” error message but still be able to play properly in a Blu-Ray player at Circuit City? Any ideas?


My dvd burner on my pc has just cratered and I have to buy a new one. If I get the blue-ray will the dvd slide shows that I create and record on it play on a regular dvd player or will a blue ray player be required. Thanks, Betlou

If you burn a dvd (movie, slideshow etc) on a blu-ray burner, it will still be a dvd so it will play on a regular dvd player. Hope this helps and welcome to cdfreaks.

Thanks much, you answered my question completely. Betlou

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Bought Pioneer BDP-51FD. Initially was having problem with the unit. Very slow on starting & loading followed with other problems. Message displayed “POWER ON”. The player was not responding, looked like hanging/stuck. Other function seems was not functioning. Have to wait for long duration approx 5-6 mins before the funtion activated. Was nearly regretted buying the unit.

Surf internet @ Pioneer sites .
Downloaded the updated firmware to resolve the problem. [I]Note: You need to download firmware for your region/country.

I wished the Pioneer sales promoter to inform me on the firmware update upon my purchase of the unit.

Installed the firmware v1.17 to my Pioneer BDP-51FD. Easy installation instruction to follow. Approx 30 mins to complete the update.

Solved the slow loading problem from approx 3 to 5 mins to about 1 to 2 mins. Thanks to Pioneer’s engineer. Keep up the good work.
Hope for a better performance improvement & features in future firmware update.

Has anybody done comparison, Pioneer BDP-51FD speed/performance (after firmware update) Vs Panasonic DMP-BD35.
FYI, WhatHiFi AWARDS 2008 CATEGORY - DVD & BLU-RAY PLAYERS has awarded BEST BLU-RAY PLAYER £200 - £300 to Panasonic DMP-BD35.

Please let me know of any thread comparing Pioneer BDP-51FD (after firmware update) Vs Panasonic DMP-BD35.

Thanks & Regards: ar4346