Pioneer blu ray bdctd01rs


I have a pioneer blu ray drive model number BCDTD01RS. When I connect it to my Toshiba notebook via usb the drive installs and comes up as BD-ROM on my windows 7 pc.

I can play CDs and DVDs, however the drive cannot play blu ray. The orange light on the drive just keeps on flashing when I insert a disc. I have tried to look for the firmware online and had no luck.

Am I missing something? I do have the latest verison of PowerDVD 9 installed but it seems the problem is windows doesnt recognise blu ray disks.

Thanks in advance

You may be running into a problem with HDCP support in the laptop. It is a form of copy protection which only allows playback on approved equipment. Run the Cyberlink Blu Ray adviser to see if your laptop meets their specifications:

Thanks for the quick reply. I ran the adviser test and my graphics card does not meet the specifications.

Does that mean any blu ray disc I put in the drive will not be recognised by windows or will just playback be bad.


A non-compliant video card (or built-in graphics) will prevent you from playing commercially made Blu ray video on this laptop. You can try the free trial of AnyDVD HD and let it run in the background. It should allow you to play BD movies, but is a fairly expensive solution once the trial ends. A two year license is 79 euros…a lifetime license is 109 euros.

Hi Kerry56

Thanks for your help. Ill give it a go.