Pioneer BDXL BDR-XD04 : strange "screeching" noise?



Does anyone out there own a Pioneer BDXL BDR-XD04? I just got one and have been trying it out. It seems to work well, but when I attempted to play a Blu-Ray on it - well, it worked fine, but the drive make a kind of “SCREEECH” noise when it first loaded the disc.

I didn’t hear it after that - and it didn’t seem to indicate any problems reading the disc; but it seemed like a rather loud noise for it to make.

I didn’t hear it making that noise when reading a regular DVD; I suspect the motor makes some odd noises when running a Blu-Ray reading speeds.

Anyone else hear these odd noises?

  • Tim


Yeah, its indeed weird noise coming from the motor ramping up to proceed. :wink: