Pioneer BDR-S11J-BK BDR-S11J-X Ultra HD Blu-ray Burners Coming Next Month



Still not available in EU, this is getting ridiculous :smile:


Same with LG WH16NS60 \ LG BH16NS60


Came back from Japan not before picking one up. :slight_smile:


Nice :slight_smile:
Hope still it comes to the shops here


Still not in stock anywhere… Sad.


Finally in stock and available for order at & (and maybe elsewhere, haven’t checked):


Alternate seems to get it fast (1 day)


Yay, finally. I tried to order it from newegg then out of the void the meant they couldnt deliver to germany. :smiley:


Oops, you is alive :wink:

Still waiting for the BH16NS60 (BU40N is available since long time. Hope anyone get the LG and could say if the awful mechanics from actual GH24NSD1 is used or a better one.


Hehe. Just bought an xH16NS55 to play a little with it and UHD. :wink:


So you got one with 1.02? Or downgraded it?

I think it´s still the cheapest way to play with UHD. Hope the BD-series from LG will be much more reliable than the actual DVD-drives


Not yet arrived. :wink:


Drive comes with 1.03.
So, what does that mean in case of UHD BD (friendly)??
Can I crossflash/backflash this drive?!?

PS: Read a bit up at cdrinfo with translation from polish to english and it seems that crossflashing to BH16NS58 (fw 1.02?) is my best option! :wink:
Special regards to the creators of these masterpiece crossflashers!!!



Firmware 1.03 is not UHD BD (friendly)
You can undo only by modified DosFlash V2.0

Personally, I would change to the VinPower WH16NS58 model which supports discqiality tests and has support for Sony BD-R XL 128GB media.
We can help you “get the VinPower firmware” :wink:



Now in Japan is available the BDR-S12J-X and BDR-S12J-BK … now the M-DISC is supported …


Probably you can get it even outside .jp via接続-4Kコンテンツ-Ultra-Blu-ray(UHDBD/dp/B07NBSL92B


or use a service spedition like a tenso,com , last year I ordered with them a BDR-S11J-X and shipped to Italy .