Pioneer BDR-S11J-BK BDR-S11J-X Ultra HD Blu-ray Burners Coming Next Month

Sorry if this should go into the news section.

Oh wow. I’m guessing this means they’re skipping right over the BDR-210 series (what’s in a name anyway?).

But it’s cool that they have one more drive in the pipeline. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it will still be a full Pioneer design, with the traditional Renesas chipset.

Good, was afraid Pioneer would stop BD drive development. But what’s up with those prices? $200/$300!? :confused:

The S11J-X is in line with the S09J-X as a premium drive. The price remains similar.

The slightly-less-premium S11J-BK sees a price increase over the earlier S09J-BK, but the price will likely drop a little after a few months (as have the prices on the other non-premium drives). Whether there will be a BDR-211M (non-premium) equivalent supporting the same disc burning capability…well, we’ll have to see.

Is the laser different or is the optical media different? Why can’t a current BD drive burn Ultra HD to optical discs? Why do you need a new drive for Ultra HD ?

Ultra HD BD trades 25 GB media for 33 GB media (single layer) and 50 GB media for 66 GB media (dual layer). Those two capacities aren’t in the original BD specs, so current drives just weren’t designed for them in mind from a firmware standpoint. (LG’s latest drives may or may not technically support them, but there’s no confirmation, & it’s not an official feature).

The last capacity, 100 GB, is already equivalent to what BDXL offers, but I doubt it will be perfectly compatible.

While the firmware on existing drives could probably be tweaked to recognize the media & read it at the correct speeds, I assume there’s probably some sort of additional licensing cost that’ll prevent that.

Note: none of this says we’ll be able to BURN 33 & 66 GB media, or that such (re)writable media will even exist.

Finally! So I won’t be buying another BDR-S09, let’s see how BDR-S11 performs.
I’m so glad to see that consumer BD-R burning is still alive, even if on life-support.

Another press release on the new drives here.

And here isthe official product page for both drives along with the specifications:

if I only waited a little longer…hehe

got an S-09J from Amazon Japan just last month
not that I regret it though as I had to do some serious backup work

I know I’ll never bother with UHD, so if that’s the only difference, then I’ll surely pass on this new drive
If the improvement is going to be dramatic for regular Blu discs burning, with scans comparable to the older xx8 series, lower jitter and all then I might as well get one of this puppies

Does anyone have a computer with the requirements needed to play back ultra HD Blu-ray?.

My motherboard, Asus Z170-A has a beta version 3107 released January 1017, that enables “SGX”, Software Guard Extension. My GPU, 980 Ti apparently supports HDCP 2.2 over its 2.0 port, and my display, Dell P2715Q is apparently HDCP2.2 compliant. It looks like my Sklylake i76700k meets minimal requirements. CiberLink is apparently releasing a version of PowerDVD 16 Ultra that will support the playback of UHD BD movies. I mentioned “apparently” so many times because this is all a preliminary evaluation.

From my understanding, most if not all Kaby Lake chips should be good for UHD playback.

I picked up a Razer Blade Stealth with a Kaby Lake chip and all my 4K encoded content plays flawlessly with very minimal CPU usage.

So the the U.S. gets the BDR-211UBK, and it’s for once not listed as a 2211. Alright then.

No news on EU/Europe models yet? Can’t find any BDR-2xxxEBK models on any search engine yet.

I recommend setting up Google Alert.

Still no news about a EU model (that I can find of). Sigh. Hope this summer brings a change, but I’m not holding my breath. Rotating media looks like it’s finally on it’s last legs here…

Better grab that US/JP model of BDR-211UBK/BDR-S11J while it’s still hot :smiley:

BTW, those in the CONUS, there is currently a $8 discount running at for BDR-211UBK with the code 523DSDNG030, bringing the price down to $122USD.

Finally the European version BDR-211EBK is coming out. It’s on Pioneer optical website, although I can’t find it yet for sale anywhere within Europe.

Finally, after months of waiting, the BDR-211EBK (EU version) of the drive is actually available for purchase at:

Can’t find any Central European sellers yet.

Hrmphf, 211EBK still not shipping in EU. Even the UK sellers are on back-order: