Pioneer BDR-S09J/XT/XLB, 2209/209, 209D/E/U/J/XJ

Verbatim 6x BD-R (#43838 labled 50 pack, second BD out of yet another new 50 pack, first in the 206 thread)
BDR-209E/M 1.52 (manufactured 02/2017 in China)
burned @ 4x (CLV)

Sad to see that Pioneer didn’t improve the write strategy for CMC with the 209 series, the 206 and especially the 208 have better write quality @6x than the 209 has @4x. Anyhow, still very good result for CMCMAGBA5! :smiley:

Verbatim 16x DVD-R (labled 50 pack)
BDR-209E/M 1.52 (manufactured 02/2017 in China)
burned @ 12x (CAV)

DVD Q-Check PI/PO Burst Test
PIE: 128625
POE: 21430
POF: 0

DVD Q-Check TA Test (jitter/peak shift)
Inner L0: Very good (4/4)
Middle L0: Very good (5/4)

Looks pretty good for 12x. :smiley:

MCC03RG20-209E-152-12x-H120BETADVD MCC03RG20-209E-152-12x-H120PIPOU