Pioneer BDR-S09J/XT/XLB, 2209/209, 209D/E/U/J/XJ

Is there a way to find out what drive you have without taking your PC apart? Back when I first got my drive I was told that all BDR-209 drives show up in Windows’ device manager as BDR-209M.

Also, which 209s can burn BDXL M-Discs?

My 209E is also shown as 209M. It can burn BDXL.

The BDR with an D behind the number can´t burn BDXL

But can it burn M-Disc BDXL?

Not according to the supported media list.
There are only three TL discs supported (Panasonic PAN___RC4, TDK TDKBLDRNC and VERBATIMk) and just one QL disc (SONY__NQ1).
And it says “In case of unknown MID, the drive doesn’t support writing”.

Thank you for your answer.

Verbatim 6x BD-R (next BD out of that new #43838 labled 50 pack, others in 206 & 208 thread)
BDR-209E/M 1.52 (manufactured 02/2017 in China)
burned @ 4x (CLV)

Ok result for the 209E @ 4x.

Verbatim 6x BD-R (first BD out of yet another new #43838 labled 50 pack)
BDR-209E/M 1.52 (manufactured 02/2017 in China)
burned @ 4x (CLV)

Again an ok burn, I don’t like the increase of errors from ca. 18 GB on, still good result, will see how the rest of the 50 pack is, looks like the 4th #43848 50 pack with pretty good CMC discs. :smiley:

Burner: BDR-209M
Firmware: 1.52
Media: Verbatim 97339 6x BD-R white inkjet hub printable (MIT)
Stamper Code: ZE4635-MK-BX6A031
Hub Serial: BRF662QK20030915 5 RB R2
Burn Speed: 8x
Burning Software: ImgBurn

Disc manufactured November 20th, 2012 by CMC Magnetics Corp.

2020-04-19 (11)

Burner: BDR-209M
Firmware: 1.52
Media: Kodak 4x BD-R white inkjet hub printable (MII)
Stamper Code: BR424P BDR 1-4X
Hub Serial: 2071 920 Bd 17 09884 4X 1912
Burn Speed: 6x
Burning Software: ImgBurn

Disc manufactured March 12th, 2012 by Moser Baer India Ltd.

2020-04-24 (1)

Verbatim 6x BD-R (next BD out of yet another new #43838 labled 50 pack)
BDR-209E/M 1.54 (manufactured 02/2017 in China)
burned @ 6x (P-CAV)

Better than the 212M @ 6x, still not really good compared to the 206 & 208. No much if any improvement with the new firmware 1.54. :frowning:

I´m not sure whether the new FW had any changes with BA5

Just the usual “Improvement of the operational stability when recording CD, DVD, BD.”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. I can’t see any improvement with CMC, but then again that’s regarding quality, not whatever “operational stability” means to Pioneer.

Most/all of the actual available media is since long years in the market. I remember some optimizations/addings of TL or QL media and in the DVD-area an improvement of the bad writing quality with LiteOn and MCC 004, but that´s all.

In Pioneers Changelog of some drives I can also see some “Improvement of the recording quality with …” but without more info.

With my last Mediarange-labeled BA5 I had overall not the quality than with older media of this type, maybe Verbatim-labeled is still better

It’s sad that since the 209 series Pioneer wasn’t able to deliver the writing quality of the 208 and previous series drives. And the 212 seems to be even worse than the 209 (yet). Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much effort in quality improvements considering how long it took for firmware 1.01 for the 212 series, and no actual improvement. It’s especially disappointing considering that CMCMAGBA5 is the best price/quality buy for BD-R media.

I don´t think one of the 2 last BD-R-drive manufacturer invests time or money in quality improvement of media which is so long on the sale.

I had also better results with my old BH16NS40 than with BH16NS55 or the newer 16NS40 NS51.

The best writer I bought in the last years is still my LG BU40N which outperform these drives in writing quality.

The media being around for so long should’ve made it possible for them to optimize the write strategy, instead they made it worse with every new generation of their drives. Very disappointing. Especially regarding media that widely used.