Pioneer BDR-S09J/XT/XLB, 2209/209, 209D/E/U/J/XJ

Drive: S09XLT
Firmware: 1.51
Media: VERBATIMe-000
Burn Speed: 6x ZLV

Drive: 209M
Firmware: 1.51
Media: VERBATIMe-000
Burn Speed: 6x ZLV

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Verbatim 6x BD-R (#43838 labled 50 pack, first BD out of a new 50 pack)
BDR-209E/M 1.52 (manufactured 02/2017 in China)
burned @ 4x (CLV)

That looks a lot better, almost Sony/Panasonic quality result. :smiley:

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Oh Yeah :wink:

I have only MiT-Verbatim BD-R

Panasonic 6x BD-R printable
BDR-209E/M 1.52 (manufactured 02/2017 in China)
burned @ x6 (P-CAV)

Another rather average result for MEIRA1, funnily enough a bit worse than the one CMC Verbatim on the 208D.

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I have no real reason to get a blu-ray recorder, however I am wondering if the Pioneer BDR-209 is currently the best choice? Any reason to get the retail (BDR-209EBK) instead of the cheaper bulk (BDR-209DBK) drive?

209DBK: BD-R DL-burner with pure black front bezel
209EBK: BD-R TL and QL-burner to burn 100-128GB on these media; never used it, to expensive and rare. The Retail-version have also a Pioneer and BD XL logo on the bezel
S09XLT: Like the EBK with stylish front bezel

The 209, no matter which one, is the best overall-writer for optical media. You can ha´ve with some media better results with a LG or Samsung, but the 209 handles a wide range, even very old media, better than actual DVD-writers.

And I mentioned it earlier the 209 is the only writer I found in my shelf which burn a rare, cheap and old CD-R-media without C2-errors, and this with 24x-speed. Tried some other DVD-writers and the results were really bad


LG GH22NS40 @16x

SH-224DB @32x

I guess no one have some of this media and it´s not important, but the 209 impressed me a lot in the past

As far as I know Pioneer in general does not support disc quality testing. Is there another blu-ray writer that is currently available new that does?

Only 2 manufacturers are left in BD-business, Pioneer and LG.

Pioneer don´t support it, that´s right.

LG only support it with Vinpower-firmware

I never compared the results of DVD-scanning with my other DVD-scandrives but I think it would be similar to LGs DVD-writers.

If you don´t want to scan BD-R the LG isn´t interesting because you own an Asus (LG) DVD-writer

I own Pioneer 209-EBK and ASUS BW-16D1HT. Both of them seem pretty much the same as for burning blu-rays. And both of them failed the same as for reading back crappy Media range DL 50GB burned at 2x (layer break issue). The only cure was turning on defect management in Nero. So saying Pioneer 209 is the best burner really does not seem to be that true to me.

For me is it true :wink:

I tried many DVD and BD-media, overall the Pioneer is the better one. The Pioneer also support older DVD-media, have a better selection of writing-speeds. And it burns the -in Germany- the omnipresent MBIR06 readable. LG burned it better til the BH16NS40, but in BH16NS55 it burns awful.

The LG is not a bad burner, with many media it´s a good burner, but Pioneer is better.

That´s my experience, and I ahve many different types of media and many drives :slight_smile:

Do I need a Vinpower drive to perform BD-R disc quality testing or can I use its firmware on an LG drive (and which one)? Currently I can only find Pioneer BDR-209EBK/DBK and Asus BW-16D1HT.

You need a drive with Vinpower-firmware for quality scans.

Crossflash a BH16NS55 is possible, so maybe also the Asus. Maybe you find some info here in forum

The BDR-209 is indeed one of the best drives available.

–> good quality BluRay burning for all disc manufacturers
–> excellent quality CD& DVD burning, even for old and unknown MIDs, 1x, 2x and 4x speed discs, where most of modern drives produce garbage. mostly the best jitter you can get for DVDs & CDs
–> it reads bad BluRays, DVDs, CDs where most of other drives fail


Please do not hype this particular model. And if you intend to do so, add some proof. From my experience if there was a failure it included 209 EBK as well.

This is not a hype.

There are only 2 manufacturers left in the BD-writer-business, Pioneer and LG. In my experience the Pioneer is the better choice than the LG, and I own both drives.

I know the 208 was a bit better, but it´s EOL. I had also some better results with the BH16NS40 than with the BH16NS55, but 16NS40 is also EOL.

You can find lots of scans with 209-burned media from Vogelschreck , myself and some other users here which show the 209-burn-quality

Verbatim 6x BD-R (#43838 labled 50 pack, second BD out of yet another new 50 pack, first in the 206 thread)
BDR-209E/M 1.52 (manufactured 02/2017 in China)
burned @ 4x (CLV)

Sad to see that Pioneer didn’t improve the write strategy for CMC with the 209 series, the 206 and especially the 208 have better write quality @6x than the 209 has @4x. Anyhow, still very good result for CMCMAGBA5! :smiley: