Pioneer BDR-S08J-W

  • I just recently purchased this drive direct from Japan, comes with bundled Cyberlink software valued over $200. The drive is white front bezel, which is not sold anywhere in this color, purchased to replace a Pioneer BDR-205. It’s rated at 15X BD-R writes, but do not have software to perform any tests on it.

The drive rips most of my personal blurays at 30MB/s speeds, or under 16mins which is a bit faster than the previous drive I used.

It has some new tech that includes read error correction which spins the drive down and re-reads any disc errors if necessary, it also has anti-warping tech that utilizes the spinning air inside the drive to push down onto the outer edges of the disc to reduce warping at high spindle speeds.It also has an anti dust sponge filter inside to reduce the ppm of dust due that can accumalate due to conventional every day use.

The drive itself seems well built with a slow eject> and a solid eject button that doesn’t feel loose when pressed (as on my older drive) It also has support to Burn to 100GB BD-R discs which can be used to backup large data collections of video or audio files. The drive is whisper quite even when ripping at high speeds it is never noticeably audible or distracting> it plays blurays without any issues> and can burn BD-R discs more efficiently without rings on the burn surface.

*I’m still testing the drive, the drive I believe has Utility software that can program the drive, but the software I downloaded from Pioneers site doesn’t seem to find the drive.


The software couldn’t find the drive because I changed the drive letter of the drive.

I switched the drive letter back to D: and the Utility now works properly.

The utility lets you customize how the drive performs.

There are Various settings that allow you to chose which features you want enabled or disabled.