Pioneer BDR S06 XLB



I bought this writer last month in Taipei together with quite a lot of DL & RE disks. DL & RE disks here are so much cheaper than back home in Singapore. This writer have a problem. It refuse to recognise or burn TDK & Sony media whether single layer, DL or RE. It will only burn Verbatim & Mitsubishi disks.
I have been using 2pcs of LG 10X BDR for the past 8 months without any problems with TDK, Sony, Verbatim & Mitsubishi media. Should I update the latest firmware available & will it help?


Firmware updates are generally recommended for both dvd and blu ray burners. I do not know if the media you have purchased is included on a newer firmware however.


Thanks for the reply. I think I will update & try using the RE media. Already made 2 TDK & 1 Sony single layer coasters with this writer.
Any way to let the manufacturer know of this problem & hope for a solution


You could try returning the media.

What are you using to burn the disks? I recommend ImgBurn for most people’s needs, especially burning blu ray. ImgBurn is free to use:

When you put one of these disks in the burner and start ImgBurn, it will start in EZ-Mode. Pick Discovery (which in not one of the writing modes, so there is no chance of making a coaster here), and look on the right side of the window in ImgBurn. If the drive has support for these disks in the firmware, it should show a list of Supported Write Speeds here.


I don’t think there’s an option to return the media. Anyway I can still use the media for my other 2 LG burners.
I take HD video. I edit & burn to bluray using Avid Studio & Pinnacle Studio 14. If the updating of firmware don’t work, I can still burn Verbatim media in the Pioneer burner until there’s a solution or I will look for an alternate brand. Probably I will still stick to LG