Pioneer BDR-PR1MC-W BD-R Writer

Just curious - anyone planning to pick up the new Pioneer BD-R archival writer?

"The two drives are also compatible with Sony’s long-term, 128GB BD-R media that will be available in late July. "


My current Pioneer Drive has a drawer that sticks when I first try to open it. Other than that it is perfect. If I cannot get the belt to fix it when it no longer opens, this will be my next purchase,if it is affordable.

Nothing close to affordable - you can buy new very capable PC for the price of one burner.
The belt usually is easy and cheap fix, don’t throw away the drive.

Thank you nixa_mk.
Do you know a contact URL or Phone number for when I need to replace the belt ?


Usually it is not complicated DIY process, screw driver and package of belts from ebay:

What somehow confuses me: In the specification sheet of the current BDR-PR1MC or BDR-BR1MA (, BDR-PR1MC/A-W (with suffix W) is for the current white version (that does not support 128GB QL media). (and only the “C” version is for disc scanning/checking.)

The 128 GB QL media from Sony are available for years in the ODC-1500R cartridges that contain 12 QL discs. (see here: SONY Japan BD-R QL (128 GB)). Price approx. 100 Euros for one cartridge, that makes about 8.30 Euros per disc. I wouldn’t wonder, if the price was much higher if sold separately. (Verbatim’s enterprise archival grade BD-R 100GB with MID VAMKM-xxx (AABF25RTJP) are sold for about 30 Euro’s per disc in Germany). I’m curious if these Sony Business BD-R QL media are only selected ones of the batches with MID “SONY-NQ1” or if they are completely different discs with different MID tuned to Pioneer’s 128GB-BDR-PR1MC/A…