Pioneer BDR-2209 book type settings support?



Does the Pioneer BDR-2209 drive support book type settings for DVD+R type media?


No, I don’t believe any of the Pioneer Blu-ray drives can do this.

Back in the day, we would cross-flash Pioneer DVD drives to use Buffalo firmware, since Buffalo allowed book typing to DVD Rom. I did this with a Pioneer 111L and 215L. But this type of firmware is not available for the Pioneer Blu-ray drives to my knowledge.


Damn, would any one be able to recommend a good Blu-ray burner that supports DVD book type settings? I would also like something that at is region free and doesn’t have riplock if that’s still a thing. I don’t mind using a modded firmware. I have bought a burner since like 2008 so I’m a bit out of the loop.


I should let Albert or one of the other drive experts answer, and maybe they will chip in, but I don’t think anyone is making modified firmware for Blu-ray drives.

You are very late to the game for purchasing Blu-ray burners, as we are down to two manufacturers for full sized drives. Pioneer and LG are the last two standing. Samsung does make a slim drive. Asus is just re-badging LG drives at this point. If you are in Europe, there are some Teac drives still available that are re-badged Lite-on’s, but they don’t seem to be sold in any other areas, and since Lite-on has abandoned this market, those Teac’s may not be around for long.

And basically you take what you get. For ripping, I think I’d go with LG. For burning Blu-ray, I prefer my Pioneer.


How are the Lite-On iHBS112-29 or LiteOn iHBS312 drives? Haha talk about being out of the game for a while. The last time I was on this forum it was called CD Freaks.


[QUOTE=uVSthem;2754658]How are the Lite-On iHBS112-29 or LiteOn iHBS312 drives? [/QUOTE]

Unobtainium as far as I am able to tell here in the US. You might find some “new” examples on Ebay.

The Lite-on drives were mainly recommended for scanning, but if your primary need is for ripping, they should be fine. Most of us prefer the LG and Pioneer drives for burning Blu-ray.


Yeah, LiteOn doesn’t make BD drives anymore, really. You may find bits in some OEM computers (maybe out of contractual obligations), but they don’t put any out under their brand names (including Plextor and HP), nor do any of the other companies who rebadged them have them for sale (ASUS, Sony, & TEAC; Optiarc no longer exists). So like Kerry said, eBay would be your best bet for that.

I cannot confirm that LG’s BDRE drives do bitsetting for single layer DVD+R…but pretty much everyone says it isn’t possible.

However, getting an ASUS 16x BD-RE drive (made by LG) should guarantee DVD+R to DVD-ROM bitsetting support, as they request that feature in their firmware, if you decide it’s a main concern. (Source of this information: member czary2mary gives a lot of good information both here and on other forums…though that other forum is in a slightly different language :bigsmile:).