Pioneer BDR-2209 Bluray Burner $72 Shipped AC @



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$79.99 - $10 code EMCARAT29 = $69.99
Shipping starts at $1.99, or is free if you have Premier.


seems overpriced even for 16x drives. there is also just about no bdxl media on the market anyway… and probably crazy expensive if it is… you’d be better off with 2.5" HDD’s stacked up instead (at more than $10 a bdxl disc) blu ray group is pricing itself out of the market compared with HDD’s even flash drives are starting to catch up… $30 for 128gb of usb flash (usb 3.0)


For a BD drive that generally does better burns than anything else out there, this is a good price. Relative to hard drives of course the argument for optical media gets more difficult with each passing day. But I mean, c’mon, this is CDFreaks! I’m sure someone here could have benefitted from this deal, heh.


let’s just agree that consumer needs are evolving with the lower cost choices in the marketplace… including cloud storage & the redundant availablity of online video. one day you will be ale to put the HD version of just about every title a B&M rental store could warehouse (or that you would want in your video library/collection) on a single HDD (assuming 25 - 100tb of storage – today taking up to dozens of drives).

optical seems moot in this case because of the low cost & potential for redundancy is high.
tell me when those 128gb BDXL discs will be under 2 cents per gb at retail with blu ray consortium’s hand out for the royalties?