Pioneer BDR-212UBK/2212/212DBK

I think the only difference is the design.

And the price. :smiley:

TDK 8x DVD+R DL printable
RITEK S04 made in Taiwan
212E/M (1.01), manufactured December 2019 in China
burned at 6x (CLV)

Looks like the Pioneer 212 doesn’t like the second layer of RiCrap DLs that much, results looks similar to @Tester_1’s above.

Burst test results:
PIE avg. 27.62, max. 107, total 872490
POE avg. 0.41, max. 264, total 102560


Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL printable
MKM003 made in Singapore
212E/M (1.01), manufactured December 2019 in China
burned at 6x (CLV)

Good ol’ Verbatim MKM003 made in Singapore, with MKM001 the best DLs ever made. :smiley:

Burst test results
PIE avg. 1.64, max. 30, total 52452
POE avg. 0.12, max. 282, total 31467


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@Oinker: From your experience what other good DVD+R DL would you recommend buying besides Verbatim ones that would give good results with Pioneer BDR 212EBK?

None. There just is nothing else even close to Verbatim DLs, but it must be the MKM discs, i.e. NOT the Verbatim Life Series discs, the Pioneer doesn’t like those at all from what I’ve seen, I never used them myself.
CMC DLs don’t seem to be that good either, or Ricoh DLs. And RiCrap speaks for itself. Although the results above aren’t even that bad.
Conclusion: If you want reliable DVD+R DLs, Verbatims are what you need.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: