Pioneer BDR-212UBK/2212/212DBK

The Pioneer model numbers are now VERY confusing.

Does anybody know if these drives are feature identical, regardless of different model / EAN numbers?

Pioneer BDR-212UHT (EAN: 0884938445351)

Pioneer BDR-S12UHT

Pioneer BDR-212UBK (EAN: 0884938445436)

Looks like the 212UBK is the standard-drive

The 212UHT is maybe a typo, it looks like the design-model, the S12UHT

For those who are interested, we invite you to read our review of the Pioneer BDR-212 / S12 / X12 models:



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Thanks for this review :slight_smile:

Ui, the error-correction seems to be bad.

Did you write all CD-Rs at max. speed of the Pioneer?

I´m not sure with the DVD-writing-tests because I have also media with same MID which performs very different. But the T02-result is awful, or is the 1620 the problem? My 1640s also show sometimes very strange results. MKM 003 is also very bad IMHO, is it from UAE? However, DVD-R and BD-R looks better than DVD+R.

I think it will never be possible to scan BD-R with Pioneers consumer models :frowning:

A drive utility for these drives can be used to configure the drives can be found at . Can you see if configuring the drive can be used to get the drives to handle errors better or produce better burns? I think that you can use this to cause the drive to focus on speed, quietness, or quality.

Those test results of CMCMAGBA5 look a lot better, especially for 12x write speed. Seems the earlier tests above were a rather bad batch of CMC discs then?

@Tester_1: In the thread for the BDR-212 / S12 (provided in the Summary of the article), we provide results for most CD-R MIDs at all available speeds. The maximum speed is 40x. And you are correct, I had a problem with my DW1620 until recently, and it has been replaced. The newer one scans much better. The old one is doing time in my closet for bad drives.

@ Jesse_Viviano: You are correct that there is a drive utility with a couple of software utilities that are supposed to improve error correction when playing audio CDs and DVD/BD movies. However, these utilities are only available for advanced drives (e.g. BDR-S12J), which most folks will not have access to. The error correction testing we did was done using a BDR-212D, which does not utilize the utilities. We’ll add it to our wish list of testing to do.

@ Oinker: The newest batches of CMCMAG-BA5 from MediaRange and Verbatim are much better than earlier batches and those from others (e.g. HiDisc, Maxtek). Your recent testing has shown similar good results with the newest batches.

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Please check the available drives for that utility. I noticed that the drive utility named “PioneerNewBDDriveUtility_v1_2_0_004_setup.exe” on the page that I linked above is for the BDR-212UBK, BDR-2212, BDR-S12XLT, BDR-S12XLB, BDR-S12UHT, and the BDR-212EBK. The BDR-212UBK and BDR-2212 are being sold through Pioneer’s US online store and through B&H Photo Video in the US, and the BDR-212UBK is available through Newegg in the US as well. Some of the 212 models that are widely available are supported by that utility. I understand that the BDR-212DBK is not supported, though.

You are correct. The BDR-2212 and BDR-212UBK, both available in the U.S., are supported by the drive utility. Thank you for the correction.

One other model that is available in Europe, the BDR-212EBK, is also supported by the drive utility. You can buy that model and test it with the drive utility. It will be soon available from , so it might be available to you from a more local shop as well.