Pioneer BDR-212UBK/2212/212DBK

how is it? planning to grab one of this drive. Any media to recommend compatible with this drive.

Are there any quality tests available yet, especially of CMCMAGBA5, and Panasonic MEIT02 and MEIRA1 media?

The tests with CMCMAGBA5 show that there’s still requirement for firmware improvement:

6x is not good anymore, and 8x and higher are bad.

To be fair, CMCMAGBA5 is a 6x format BD-R, so I really think that the speeds that violate the media’s speed limit should be removed, especially if they produce coasters or bad burns.

On the same site page 13 the verbatimf 50gb have good result from 2x, 4x, 6x, the meira1 have good result from 2x way up to 12x

Agreed, but the 6x result is not that good already, but maybe it’s just not that good CMC media, unfortunately they still have a rather big quality range. I had luck with the latest 50 packs I got, so it’s difficult to say.
And indeed the VERBATIMf and MEIRA1 results are good, MEIT02 DLs look good, too.

Thanks. To be clear, I think that overspeed strategies need to be removed from a burner’s list of supported strategies if they produce bad burns, not from a review site’s tests that flunk those strategies.

Where do you buy this (212EBK), been chasing it for over a month. I’m in Europe.

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I thought these ebk are taiwan model, it can also be import then sold in germany.

The Pioneer model numbers are now VERY confusing.

Does anybody know if these drives are feature identical, regardless of different model / EAN numbers?

Pioneer BDR-212UHT (EAN: 0884938445351)

Pioneer BDR-S12UHT

Pioneer BDR-212UBK (EAN: 0884938445436)

Looks like the 212UBK is the standard-drive

The 212UHT is maybe a typo, it looks like the design-model, the S12UHT

For those who are interested, we invite you to read our review of the Pioneer BDR-212 / S12 / X12 models:



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Thanks for this review :slight_smile:

Ui, the error-correction seems to be bad.

Did you write all CD-Rs at max. speed of the Pioneer?

I´m not sure with the DVD-writing-tests because I have also media with same MID which performs very different. But the T02-result is awful, or is the 1620 the problem? My 1640s also show sometimes very strange results. MKM 003 is also very bad IMHO, is it from UAE? However, DVD-R and BD-R looks better than DVD+R.

I think it will never be possible to scan BD-R with Pioneers consumer models :frowning:

A drive utility for these drives can be used to configure the drives can be found at . Can you see if configuring the drive can be used to get the drives to handle errors better or produce better burns? I think that you can use this to cause the drive to focus on speed, quietness, or quality.

Those test results of CMCMAGBA5 look a lot better, especially for 12x write speed. Seems the earlier tests above were a rather bad batch of CMC discs then?

@Tester_1: In the thread for the BDR-212 / S12 (provided in the Summary of the article), we provide results for most CD-R MIDs at all available speeds. The maximum speed is 40x. And you are correct, I had a problem with my DW1620 until recently, and it has been replaced. The newer one scans much better. The old one is doing time in my closet for bad drives.

@ Jesse_Viviano: You are correct that there is a drive utility with a couple of software utilities that are supposed to improve error correction when playing audio CDs and DVD/BD movies. However, these utilities are only available for advanced drives (e.g. BDR-S12J), which most folks will not have access to. The error correction testing we did was done using a BDR-212D, which does not utilize the utilities. We’ll add it to our wish list of testing to do.

@ Oinker: The newest batches of CMCMAG-BA5 from MediaRange and Verbatim are much better than earlier batches and those from others (e.g. HiDisc, Maxtek). Your recent testing has shown similar good results with the newest batches.

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Please check the available drives for that utility. I noticed that the drive utility named “PioneerNewBDDriveUtility_v1_2_0_004_setup.exe” on the page that I linked above is for the BDR-212UBK, BDR-2212, BDR-S12XLT, BDR-S12XLB, BDR-S12UHT, and the BDR-212EBK. The BDR-212UBK and BDR-2212 are being sold through Pioneer’s US online store and through B&H Photo Video in the US, and the BDR-212UBK is available through Newegg in the US as well. Some of the 212 models that are widely available are supported by that utility. I understand that the BDR-212DBK is not supported, though.

You are correct. The BDR-2212 and BDR-212UBK, both available in the U.S., are supported by the drive utility. Thank you for the correction.

One other model that is available in Europe, the BDR-212EBK, is also supported by the drive utility. You can buy that model and test it with the drive utility. It will be soon available from , so it might be available to you from a more local shop as well.