Pioneer BDR-212UBK/2212/212DBK

From Wikipedia Germany :wink:

Renesas Electronics is the amalgamation of the spun off semiconductor divisions of Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric and NEC. In 2003, Hitachi and Mitsubishi initially combined their semiconductor areas in the new Renesas Technology. The merger with NEC Electronics, which was spun off from NEC in 2002, was completed in April 2010 under the new name Renesas Electronics

Another information i was aware of but which does not help me either.
I know the politics behind the merger, i’m interested in the technical side of this chipset.
Apparently no one understands this.

I think you have to ask the developers, but I don´t think you get answers there.

We can only guess everything else here

Why would Renesas throw out the NEC design instead of improve it unless Renesas already had its own competing design or if the NEC design has a fatal flaw that requires a complete redesign? Unless you have evidence that Renesas had its own design before NEC Electronics merged into Renesas, it would be safe to say that Renesas’ design is likely to be an evolution of the NEC design.

Good point. However Renesas was already producing Blu-Ray chipsets (like for the Bh12NS35). This is a true Renesas chipset. So i’m wondering if they continued the NEC design since it was promising already in other non LG drives.

In the end i bought a BDR-212EBK to find out the answer.
This drive is indeed based on a true NEC chipset.
The performance of the drive doesn’t seem anything special though (i’m already getting some buyer’s remorse; it wasn’t cheap either).

Here it’s currently around €65, it’s an ok price, especially because the D model is just about €3 cheaper.
The drive itself is basically the same that all drives since the 209 series have been, a 16x BD-writer. Unfortunately Pioneer does not invest much time and effort in the firmware/the write strategies anymore, which got worse since the 209 series as well. Nothing beats the 208 series drives, but even my 10 years old 206 beats todays 212 series write quality. :frowning:

Maybe it depends on the newer hardware.

Except BD XL media there was no new MID since around 10 years at BD and 12 years in DVD, so you can´t expect FW-tweaks for ols media.

Well, if they were able to deliver better writer quality 10 years ago already, why is it not possible with newer drives anymore? That’s disappointing. And it seems 212 series drives are even worse than 209 series drives. :frowning:
Especially considering that they offer write speeds above 6x that deliver awful results, what’s the point of that if they don’t even try to improve anything. With only Pioneer and LG left it seems they just don’t care anymore. Meh.

Maybe cheaper parts in the drives?

Sure, reducing production cost is one thing, especially due to BD writing, or optical media in general, has become rather “exotic”, they just don’t sell that many drives nowadays anymore, so why put any effort into it it seems.

That´s the situation, not only for drives, also for media

We can be happy to have still 2 manufacturers for BD-drives and 2 for DVD-drives

So this Pioneer BDR-212EBK is basically “an evolution of” BDR-209EBK right? Judging from the pictures and specs it seems to be the same thing.

Yes, it looks like the same chipset is used in 208/209/211/212-models, R8J32740FP42

Not sure about the OPU

I don’t know if the opu is different, but it also looks like a Pioneer design.

The OPUs are AFAIK not made by Pioneer, known manufacturers are Sanyo (belongs to Panasonic since 10 years), Hitachi and Lite Spice

That does not mean that any of those manufacturers made that opu for Pioneer. Even more so, why is this opu model (and dvd-rw drives opu’s before) only been found in Pioneer drives? They should also be in other drives (Sanyo for example made opu’s for LiteOn, Plextor, Samsung and Optiarc).

Sanyo was in the past a big manufacturer of OPUs, 2day it should be Hitachi which used by LG and Lite Spice (used by LiteOn)

Dunno whether Pioneer made it by it´s own or design the OPU and let it made by another manufacturer

LiteSpice is basically Liteon, not Hitachi.
It’s their own design produced in house.