Pioneer BDR-212UBK/2212/212DBK

Pioneer has recently released the BDR-212UBK, the BDR-2212, and the BDR-212DBK.

The BDR-212UBK is a 4K UltraHD Blu-ray reader which is also a BDXL burner. You must use a recent Intel CPU and its integrated graphics to play a 4K UltraHD Blu-ray with this drive. This drive ships with CyberLink Media Suite 10. Pioneer’s product description

The BDR-2212 is like the BDR-212UBK except that it cannot read 4K UltraHD discs. Pioneer’s product description

The BDR-212DBK is like the BDR-2212 except that it cannot burn BDXL discs, cannot write DVD-RAM discs, and it comes with no software. Pioneer’s product description

The main difference that I could find between this series and the BDR-211UBK is that this series apparently is able to withstand more abuse from dust and tobacco smoke.

EDIT: Spelling error fixed

Hope those drives will be available at reasonable prices, the 211EBK was available for a short time for less than €120 here in Germany, now it’s very difficult to get at times at €150 or more, currently it’s available for around €150 at amazon. But seriously, about three times the price of the 209EBK? No, thanks.

I am glad that Pioneer is still in the optical drive business.
I hope their quality remains good.

LOL I thought it was a joke about that smoke and dust… Anyway… Regarding that 4K thing - isn’t ASUS BW-16D1HT a better and much cheaper choice?

Is this good to buy to Write and Read BD-R XL 128GB Blu Ray Discs?

I do not know, but since Pioneer already released a firmware update for some of this drive’s predecessors that enable them to read and write those discs, it would be silly for this drive to not be able to handle this media.