Pioneer BDR-212UBK/2212/212DBK

Pioneer has recently released the BDR-212UBK, the BDR-2212, and the BDR-212DBK.

The BDR-212UBK is a 4K UltraHD Blu-ray reader which is also a BDXL burner. You must use a recent Intel CPU and its integrated graphics to play a 4K UltraHD Blu-ray with this drive. This drive ships with CyberLink Media Suite 10. Pioneer’s product description

The BDR-2212 is like the BDR-212UBK except that it cannot read 4K UltraHD discs. Pioneer’s product description

The BDR-212DBK is like the BDR-2212 except that it cannot burn BDXL discs, cannot write DVD-RAM discs, and it comes with no software. Pioneer’s product description

The main difference that I could find between this series and the BDR-211UBK is that this series apparently is able to withstand more abuse from dust and tobacco smoke.

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Hope those drives will be available at reasonable prices, the 211EBK was available for a short time for less than €120 here in Germany, now it’s very difficult to get at times at €150 or more, currently it’s available for around €150 at amazon. But seriously, about three times the price of the 209EBK? No, thanks.

I am glad that Pioneer is still in the optical drive business.
I hope their quality remains good.

LOL I thought it was a joke about that smoke and dust… Anyway… Regarding that 4K thing - isn’t ASUS BW-16D1HT a better and much cheaper choice?

Is this good to buy to Write and Read BD-R XL 128GB Blu Ray Discs?

I do not know, but since Pioneer already released a firmware update for some of this drive’s predecessors that enable them to read and write those discs, it would be silly for this drive to not be able to handle this media.

Has anybody found an online source that ships to Europe? Newegg, Amazon and sellers I’ve found do NOT ship to Europe.

Looking for model BDR-212UBK (not DBK).

I just installed my BDR-212D. It includes 1.00 firmware. Is there a more advanced firmware available?

I couldn’t find any firmware for the 212 listed here:

I think that the model that Pioneer sells for Europe would be the BDR-S12UHT. Try searching for that model.

EDIT: The BDR-212EBK is closer to the BDR-2212 instead of the BDR-212UBK because the BDR-212EBK cannot read UHD Blu-rays. The BDR-S12UHT is the only model listed at which can read UHD Blu-rays. I am sorry for recommending the wrong model.

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In some german shops the 212DBK is available for a good price

how is it? planning to grab one of this drive. Any media to recommend compatible with this drive.

Are there any quality tests available yet, especially of CMCMAGBA5, and Panasonic MEIT02 and MEIRA1 media?

The tests with CMCMAGBA5 show that there’s still requirement for firmware improvement:

6x is not good anymore, and 8x and higher are bad.

To be fair, CMCMAGBA5 is a 6x format BD-R, so I really think that the speeds that violate the media’s speed limit should be removed, especially if they produce coasters or bad burns.

On the same site page 13 the verbatimf 50gb have good result from 2x, 4x, 6x, the meira1 have good result from 2x way up to 12x

Agreed, but the 6x result is not that good already, but maybe it’s just not that good CMC media, unfortunately they still have a rather big quality range. I had luck with the latest 50 packs I got, so it’s difficult to say.
And indeed the VERBATIMf and MEIRA1 results are good, MEIT02 DLs look good, too.

Thanks. To be clear, I think that overspeed strategies need to be removed from a burner’s list of supported strategies if they produce bad burns, not from a review site’s tests that flunk those strategies.

Where do you buy this (212EBK), been chasing it for over a month. I’m in Europe.

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I thought these ebk are taiwan model, it can also be import then sold in germany.