Pioneer BDR-211: Only ×40 on CD-R (read/write)?


All Pioneer-drives I had since last decade had 40x CD-R read/write.

Also the QSI-based DVD-writers

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What is QSi? Chipset manufacturer?

So just a software limitation?
Maybe just to enforce higher disc quality.

There’s nothing to gain from writing quicker anyway. Yes, you may save a few seconds, but you end up with a result with higher jitter and higher parity errors, particularly at the outer extremity of the disc.

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QSI Quanta, a manufacturer for optical drives. Actual Pioneer DVD-writers are QSI-design.

The last original QSI-drives I had were over 10 years ago, Slimtype DVD-ROM/CD-RW-drives

I guess it use MTK-chipsets like LG, Liteon and Samsung since years.

Pioneer BD-drives use Renesas-chipsets, the design is different to the QSI-based drives, the case is shorter than the BD-drives.

I´ve had also the “fastest” CD-RW-drive which had exist, a Mitsumi 54x. In the end it was slower than some of my 52x-drives from MSI (Optorite), LG and Liteon were faster and produce mostly better quality.

With a good disc and good writers you will get very good results with 32x and 40x speed and not loose much time if compared with 48x or higher

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54× is no standard speed, is it?
However, thanks. Really interesting.

The reading speed of CD-ROM is also ×40 on all new Pioneer drives. Probably to avoid explosions.
Pioneer has a really good recording quality at full ×40 writing speed, however! Even beats BE14NU40 in my test. (read using LiteOn eTAU108 with C1C2-test).

SH-S203/TS-H653 reads ×48 on CD-ROM, ×40 CD-R/RW/Audio/Audio R/RW. (yes, not ×48 CD-R reading but ×48 PCAV writing)
GDR-H20N reads 52× on CD-R DAE and ×40 on all CD-RW (detects CD-RW as CD-ROM if laser potentiometer increased = enables ×52 CD-RW, even with DAE).

All other manufacturers offer max. 52x, so the Mitsumi is official the fastest one with 54x Read/Write, In theory at least. Don´t use it often, can´t remember whether it was a good reader. Write 54x was very hard because only a few media let me choose this speed and OPC, Mitsumi-called “Aegis Write”, kicked often in.

52x Read/Write was used in many CD-RW-drives, DVD-writers don´t use it IIRC.

Some DVD-ROM read 52x CD-R and 18x DVD

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Thanks for clarifying.[quote=“Tester_1, post:8, topic:399741”]
“Aegis Write”,
[/quote] What’s Aegis Write?.

54× write is probably the fastest. But reading speeds went up to ×56 (AOpen CD-956E, CD-956B, CyberDrive CD566D, Afreey Cd-2056e, Ultima CHM-56S, Acer 656a,…).
“So now you know why you should never put a cracked or split CD in a 56X drive.” — Richard 59

Yep, I had an 56x-AOpen, but like I said there´s no writer which offer faster than 54x, only reader

Aegis write is the OPC of Mitsumi, it watch the write quality during writing and kicks in if it “see” a problem and reduce speed. It kicked in very often so very rarely a CD-R was burned up to 54x

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Are there any C1/C2 tests and comparisons with lower speeds?.

Pioneer used to build ×22 writing DVD drives.[quote=“terminalvelocd, post:5, topic:399741, full:true”]
There’s nothing to gain from writing quicker anyway. Yes, you may save a few seconds, but you end up with a result with higher jitter and higher parity errors, particularly at the outer extremity of the disc.

These drives were exotic, reviews and experiences hard to find.

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The writing quality of the QSI drives wasn’t great, especially at higher than 16X.

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The DVR-217 is a real Pioneer with 22x DVD-writing.

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This means:
Starting at ×22.5.
Which burning speed does it reach for CD-R 8cm? 36×?.

The BE14NU40 only reaches 12× for 8cm, which would equal ×18 instead of ×48 at a diameter of 12cm.

Never had a 8cm-CD-R, can´t say

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Please consider trying out a reading/burning speed test, the next time you get your hands onto CD-R 8cm.
Sometimes, some products include an unfinalized 8cm CD-R.

What about DVD support? (I wish that there was a GSMArena equivalent for disc drives.).

A CD-R from an Iranian brand, called toprincover (2007) claims:

  • New Super Blue Technology. (that name reminds me to the "High Pixels" of the north korean AriRang smartphone.).
  • ×2 to ×56 recording speed.

The quality was actually pretty good. 0 C2 and 132 C1 errors in total.

My Mitsumi is defect some years ago, no way to do tests. It was a CD-RW-drive and can´t do anything with DVD

I had also 56x-CD-Rs from Cockmedia, but:

It´s standard-Ritek, othe brands labeled it as 52x
There is/was no 56x writer available

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