Pioneer BDR-211: Only ×40 on CD-R (read/write)?


The BDR-211 is probably one of the best optical drives ever made.
But how can a disc drive, which achieves ×16 on BD-R DL (equals ×80 rotation speed on CD) just achieve ×40 on CD?



All Pioneer-drives I had since last decade had 40x CD-R read/write.

Also the QSI-based DVD-writers


What is QSi? Chipset manufacturer?


So just a software limitation?
Maybe just to enforce higher disc quality.


There’s nothing to gain from writing quicker anyway. Yes, you may save a few seconds, but you end up with a result with higher jitter and higher parity errors, particularly at the outer extremity of the disc.


QSI Quanta, a manufacturer for optical drives. Actual Pioneer DVD-writers are QSI-design.

The last original QSI-drives I had were over 10 years ago, Slimtype DVD-ROM/CD-RW-drives

I guess it use MTK-chipsets like LG, Liteon and Samsung since years.

Pioneer BD-drives use Renesas-chipsets, the design is different to the QSI-based drives, the case is shorter than the BD-drives.

I´ve had also the “fastest” CD-RW-drive which had exist, a Mitsumi 54x. In the end it was slower than some of my 52x-drives from MSI (Optorite), LG and Liteon were faster and produce mostly better quality.

With a good disc and good writers you will get very good results with 32x and 40x speed and not loose much time if compared with 48x or higher


54× is no standard speed, is it?
However, thanks. Really interesting.

The reading speed of CD-ROM is also ×40 on all new Pioneer drives. Probably to avoid explosions.
Pioneer has a really good recording quality at full ×40 writing speed, however! Even beats BE14NU40 in my test. (read using LiteOn eTAU108 with C1C2-test).

SH-S203/TS-H653 reads ×48 on CD-ROM, ×40 CD-R/RW/Audio/Audio R/RW. (yes, not ×48 CD-R reading but ×48 PCAV writing)
GDR-H20N reads 52× on CD-R DAE and ×40 on all CD-RW (detects CD-RW as CD-ROM if laser potentiometer increased = enables ×52 CD-RW, even with DAE).


All other manufacturers offer max. 52x, so the Mitsumi is official the fastest one with 54x Read/Write, In theory at least. Don´t use it often, can´t remember whether it was a good reader. Write 54x was very hard because only a few media let me choose this speed and OPC, Mitsumi-called “Aegis Write”, kicked often in.

52x Read/Write was used in many CD-RW-drives, DVD-writers don´t use it IIRC.

Some DVD-ROM read 52x CD-R and 18x DVD


Thanks for clarifying.[quote=“Tester_1, post:8, topic:399741”]
“Aegis Write”,
[/quote] What’s Aegis Write?.

54× write is probably the fastest. But reading speeds went up to ×56 (AOpen CD-956E, CD-956B, CyberDrive CD566D, Afreey Cd-2056e, Ultima CHM-56S, Acer 656a,…).
“So now you know why you should never put a cracked or split CD in a 56X drive.” — Richard 59

56× CD-ROM drives: What speed do they achieve on DAE, CD-R and CD-RW?

Yep, I had an 56x-AOpen, but like I said there´s no writer which offer faster than 54x, only reader

Aegis write is the OPC of Mitsumi, it watch the write quality during writing and kicks in if it “see” a problem and reduce speed. It kicked in very often so very rarely a CD-R was burned up to 54x


Are there any C1/C2 tests and comparisons with lower speeds?.


Pioneer used to build ×22 writing DVD drives.[quote=“terminalvelocd, post:5, topic:399741, full:true”]
There’s nothing to gain from writing quicker anyway. Yes, you may save a few seconds, but you end up with a result with higher jitter and higher parity errors, particularly at the outer extremity of the disc.

Irrational disc speed limitations?

These drives were exotic, reviews and experiences hard to find.


The writing quality of the QSI drives wasn’t great, especially at higher than 16X.


The DVR-217 is a real Pioneer with 22x DVD-writing.


This means:
Starting at ×22.5.
Which burning speed does it reach for CD-R 8cm? 36×?.

The BE14NU40 only reaches 12× for 8cm, which would equal ×18 instead of ×48 at a diameter of 12cm.


Never had a 8cm-CD-R, can´t say


Please consider trying out a reading/burning speed test, the next time you get your hands onto CD-R 8cm.
Sometimes, some products include an unfinalized 8cm CD-R.


What about DVD support? (I wish that there was a GSMArena equivalent for disc drives.).


A CD-R from an Iranian brand, called toprincover (2007) claims:

  • New Super Blue Technology. (that name reminds me to the "High Pixels" of the north korean AriRang smartphone.).
  • ×2 to ×56 recording speed.

The quality was actually pretty good. 0 C2 and 132 C1 errors in total.