Pioneer bdr-209jbk Vs bdr-209xjbk/ws?



I need to buy one of this, the BDR-209JBK and the Bulk BDR-209XJBK/ws are the same Hardware, the difference is only the frontal logo, or the Bulk have some Cut ?


The hardware should be the same. I guess “XJ” is a package with only the drive, and “J” is a package with drive & software.

[edit: this is not the only difference. see anywhere’s post below]


209J supports to enable Peak Power Reducer and PureRead2 features with Pioneer BD Drive Utility and 209XJ doesn’t.


^ Thanks, anywhere. :slight_smile:


Thanks, i take the [B]BDR-209JBK[/B] i have read, this have olso the Logo Pioneer on front, the Bulk none.