Pioneer bdr-209ebk

Would the above Blu-ray writer be a good choice? It’s one of the few drives I can find locally, even though I would prefer something capable of quality scanning. Is the bdr-209ebk made by Pioneer or someone else? My first DVD burner purchased in 2005 was a Pioneer and it is still working. Should I expect similar quality today?

Here is the topic with the write-quality of the 209:

Pioneer don´t manufacture the drives by itself. They switched to QSI some years ago.

Imho there are max. 3 manufacturers of BD-writers atm, LG, QSI, Panasonic; Panasonic only offer slim-drives AFAIK.

I own the BDR-208 and it´s one of the best BD-drives I ever had when it comes to write-quality. Only my old LG BH10LS30 is a competitor.

Quality scans are not possible with Pioneer-drives.

The Liteon-drives are AFAIK are all EOL, maybe you find some to a horrible price or used ones.

But I can tell you these drives are far away in write-quality of Pioneer and LG, thats my experience.

Is there a reason you think the BD drives are not of Pioneer’s design? We know the DVDRW drives ended up being QSI, but we’re under the assumption that the BD drives (up to and including BDR-211) are Pioneer’s design.

My last info was that the newer Pioneer-drives are made by QSI, dunno the 211

It could be Pioneers design, but Pioneer don´t made drives by their own, maybe the Made in … could help

That’s the thing.

We know the DVD-RW drives are a QSI design, while the BDRW drives are a Pioneer design (with all the bells and whistles), which is what matters most to us.

So it’s reasonable to believe that all Pioneer BDRW drives are genuine Pioneer drives. They handle media the same way old Pioneer DVD-RW drives do, offer the same features (plus a few more), and we trust in the quality they produce.

Can’t a QSI design be distinguished from a Pioneer design by just inspecting a drive visually?

Just open the DVD drive design from QSI … and then compare with the BluRay Pioneer designs …
These are two different technical and technological worlds …

QSI clones are the only and only DVD constructs.
(Pioneer DVR-118\218\A18\S18 = chipset Mediatek MT1868B\ MT1869L+ OPU Hitachi HOP-356M clon QSI DDW-241\241S
Pioneer DVR-119\219\A19\S19 = chipset Mediatek MT1839LN+ OPU Hitachi HOP-356M clon QSI DDW-242\242S
Pioneer DVR-220\S20 = chipset Mediatek MT1809N+ OPU Sanyo SF-DS1X1SO/DS1X2QA - clon QSI DDW-243S
Pioneer DVR-221\S21 = chipset Mediatek MT1809N+ OPU Sanyo SF-DS1X1SO/DS1X2QA - clon QSI DDW-244S)

Does this mean that Pioneer Blu-ray drives are not using a QSI design?

Still not sure if we talking about the design or manufacturer?

I guess there are not many manufacturers of chipsets left, maybe only MTK and Renesas?

Both? I can’t believe that Pioneer makes drives with a QSI design.

QSI maybe make drives for Pioneer with Pioneer-design and with own design.

But it´s OK, the BD-drives named Pioneer are still very good writers.

QSI it may be a lawn mower designed not a Pioneer BluRay drives …
After all, not even enough DVD drive can design and execute …

[quote=“czary2mary1, post:12, topic:398141, full:true”]
QSI it may be a lawn mower designed not a Pioneer BluRay drives …
After all, not even enough DVD drive can design and execute …
[/quote]I am not sure what you mean with the above statements.