Pioneer BDR-209DBK laptop help

So I recently bought Pioneer BDR-209DBK for my laptop recently, with to connect. Unfortunately, I have 2 problems.

1: Everytime I connect, it only connects for 2 minutes before disconnecting again.

2: The drive won;t open when I press the open button.

If anyone can provide solutions to these problems, that would be appreciated.

It probably doesn’t get enough power via that adapter. And USB also delivers 5V only, the drive needs 5V 1.4A, and 12V 2.2A, USB3.0 delivers 5V 900mA, USB 2.0 just 5V 500mA.

Well, where can I get a better adapter?

Well, I’d suggest an external USB drive enclosure, but as expensive as they are you could just get an external USB BD writer.
You’d need an adapter with external power supply, like e.g. this one: