Pioneer BDR-209DBK 16x SATA Internal Blu-ray Writer

Another day, another Blu-ray writer goes through my review process.

This time, it’s a Pioneer BDR-209DBK, an OEM low-cost 16x SATA internal Blu-ray writer. And frankly, it seems pretty awesome.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Could you please check what chipset does this drive use? I can’t find this information anywhere. :frowning:

Dear blackened2687,

I’ve just updated my posting including pictures with the drive’s rear cover removed and thermal pad removed.

It turns out the drive follows the Pioneer tradition of employing NEC chipsets - this drive specifically uses the Renesas R8J32740 which is shared with a few other late Pioneer models.

  • Gough

R8J32740FP42 - same chipset as in BDR-208 :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! Now the review is just excellent!

Does this mean the BDR-208 and BDR-209 could be crossflashed? Same Board inside?

Even if boards are the same it doesn’t mean that possible crossflashing will not make a brick from drive (which probably could be restored via crossflashing to original model) - remember DVR-216 and DVR-217 - same chipset and boards with no significant differences, same OPUs, spindle and tracking motors, but still can’t be crossflashed.