Pioneer BDR-209D will not scan DVD-DL, only up to layer change

Hi, Burner fans,
It’s my first topic here and your help is needed.
My Pioneer BDR-209D cannot scan DL-DVDs with Opti Drive Control, normal DVDs/DVD-Rs are no problem. The disc length is shown on the graph correctly but the scan always will stop at layer change.
The “speed switch trick” discussed in another forum to gain a complete scan cannot be used since the scan speed cannot be changed with the Pioneer with that scan tool.
I’ve tried to install the Nero Disc Speed scanning tool but that will affect the drives, they will not read any BD any longer. Uninstalled it again.
What am I doing wrong, is there any way?
Sorry, don’t know where to place this problem else.

The pioneer brand doesnt support scanning for real.

Hi “chef”,
Thanks for the reply. But that’s not really true. With Optidrive Control the Pioneer can scan CDs (but worse than the Atapi 112) and even normal DVDs (much better than the Atapi, i.e. with less failures shown).
But with Double Layer DVDs the scan stops on the layerbreak though the disc is recognized correctly. And that’s a pitty since DVD-scans look much better than with the usual “Reference” Atapi/LiteOn 112. That is my concern.
Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Hi DBenn,

let’s start a search here in this forum and you’ll see that this topic were discussed many years ago.
IIRC, first Pioneer brand burners were not able to scan at all, just by patching a registry a bit this became possible, eg. with Nero cd/dvd speed.
BUT thats just poor scanning, compared to the really good scanning methods Liteon and Plextor provided.
And the Pioneer drives never were able to perform this proper scanning and scanning of DL media too, regardless if it’s DVD-R DL or DVD+R DL media.
It just can give you the proof that the data could be read or not read at this time, nothing more. :wink:

The fact that the scan with the Pioneer look much better than with the Liteon does just show that the Pioneer is no reliable scanner at all…
Check out some posts/scans by jadburner, you’ll see the differences.

BTW, which firmware is on the 209D?

Scanning shows how that specific reader interacts with that specific media/burn. From Pioneer 209 point of view the specific media/burn is very good, the laser/tracking assembly can distinguish/follow the pits and land thus is not relaying on the error correction to extract the data and the scanning shows less errors (less error correction triggering). Even in practice that is true, my 209EBK can easily read discs that other drives refuse to.

I will not consider 209EBK as reference scanning drive. The low error rates reported by the drive can lead to false sense of security. When the Pioneer drive will start showing high rate of errors probably it will be too late to recover the disc. Back in the day I didn’t have scanning drive but I had NEC 2510 - it was very good writer but terrible reader. If the media wasn’t easily readable by 2510 I didn’t use that MID anymore. Many years later every DVD I burned and checked with the method mentioned is fully readable with surprisingly good scanning results.

I can recommend Samsung SH-224FB DVD writer for scanning with OptiDrive Control. Results probably are not comparable with LiteOn and BenQ drives but reflect real world performance of the recorded media.