Pioneer BDR-209D will not scan DL-DVDs

Hi, Burner fans,
It’s my first topic here and your help is needed.
My Pioneer BDR-209D cannot scan DL-DVDs with Opti Drive Control, normal DVDs/DVD-Rs are no problem. The disc length is shown on the graph correctly but the scan always will stop at layer change.
The “speed switch trick” discussed in another forum to gain a complete scan cannot be used since the scan speed cannot be changed with the Pioneer with that scan tool.
I’ve tried to install the Nero Disc Speed scanning tool but that will affect the drives, they will not read any BD any longer.
What am I doing wrong, is there any way?

Hi I have 2 of these and so far I’ve not found anything it wont do, I regularly write to bluray and uhd 4k. I’ve done nothing to them, mybe I’ve just been lucky.

Hi southport,
Thanks for your message. Please note that I’m not speaking about writing to DVDs or BDs but about scanning for failures with Opti Drive Control with the Pioneer.
Indeed the writing works well with DVDs and BDs, only writing to CDs gets much worse than with my LiteOn drive as the failure scans have shown. But that’s not the problem mentioned. My problem is that the Pioneer will not scan DL-DVDs (Double Layer) for failures with Opti Drive Control (ODC).
Now I saw that there’s a separate forum for ODC, I’l repeat my thread therein.

“I regularly write to bluray and uhd 4k.”
I actually doubt that you have burned BD-R XL QL (128GB) media with that drive.