Pioneer BDR-207EBK vs bdr-206dbk

does the Pioneer BDR-207EBK burn discs as well as the 206? i bought one to replace my 206 since i am redoing my pc. been looking at the disc quality tests but not sure.

does the retail version differ that much apart from the extra software? from what ive read it doesnt seem to.

People seem to be quite content with the performance of the 207; I’ve yet to see someone say their 206 specifically does a better job than the 207.

And no, the retail version doesn’t differ much. Maybe a different firmware build, but all of them should perform equally well. (And there is BD-XL support with some drives, but there is little interest in burning to such media).

thanks. wont be using any bd-xl media although the drive supports it.

I am also planing to buy one 207.


it seems to burn discs just as well as the 206 i had before the 207

I’m also planing to buy 207 or 208.
What device are supported disc quality test ?

Neither supports disc quality scanning. A different drive is needed. The LiteOn iHBS112/312 are popular.

Thanks, I will read topics about these devices. :iagree: