Pioneer BDR-207DBK Blu-Ray Burner $74.95 w\FS @ PlatinumMicro

A good price on one of the better Blu-Ray burners at the moment. Currently its $89.99 at Newegg.

If you are interested in the BDR-2207 instead that supports BDXL its only $86.99.


Now $85.99

Mwave has a deal for $49.99 and free shipping.


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Your welcome, I would have jumped on it myself but I ordered a 2207 three days ago. :smiley:

Ouch! That stings :(.

Considering that, your generosity in sharing this with us is even more appreciated :bigsmile:

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[QUOTE=Intelanot;2648325]Mwave has a deal for $49.99 and free shipping.[/QUOTE]

It says COMBO, so no BD burner!!!

Also the 207D version is the low end one without BDXL.

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