Pioneer BDR-207 for seventy-five bucks



Pioneer Black 12X BD-R BDR-207DBKS, promo code EMCNAJJ45, free shipping, normally ninety bucks.


Is it me or did most blu ray drives go up in price?!? I hate when they do that just prior to holiday shopping season.


They certainly haven’t been following a steady decline, if nothing else. The ‘up and down’ pricings seem to become more common in these last two years, but maybe I simply didn’t track them as diligently.

And mail-in-rebates drive me crazy - that started years ago but now it’s become so commonplace - in the last 4-5 years, it seems.


Actually, that Up-n-Down pricing has been mirroring the run in gasoline prices of the year… usually a leading or trailing indicator rather than a parallel one. These shenanigans are comical given the downturn in the PC biz… Intel is predicting sales downturn… and if they’re talking about selling less chips, then that means other mfg will see similar slack demand, yet etailers play the game of chicken again… and I though we’d see $49 (or less) Blu ray burners preferably the 14x ones for BF-- but the higher the prices go, that prediction fades.


TMC, I feel the same way, yes. I see that Fry’s is holding the 4Tb Hitachi 7200’s at $229 still, and they dropped $10 a unit at our wholesaler, though.

It’s been almost two years since I bought my sister an MSI-labeled i5 notebook for $479 after rebate. That’s still an incredibly decent price for i5 notebooks - which is really sad because I was used to seeing them drop $100 a year or else give me i7s at the $500 range.

Price managers can say these all ‘new’ chips, etc etc, but when PC prices have stabilized, rather than dropped, consumers can still use the “Why bother buying now? I can wait another few months and get the same thing for the same money” argument. The big-box retailers are seeing this “Let’s wait for the next big sale” attitude, and that’s why WinXP still exists on such a huge base.

The quick price hikes from so-called floods, then incredibly slow price-relief - “it doesn’t seem fair!” only brings out the doubts of consumers.

I’m waiting to see WHEN the iPhone5-6-7-8 generation responds the same. Or will Apple Slavery cause some retrenchment? (Frankly, Apple can use slave labor ‘revelations’ as a reason to cut their prices in half or something, and really spur a spending surge, and further distancing of the consumer from the PC purchasings.)

But still… Pioneer BDRs at $75 are coming close to that magical $50 price level. “But they’re like printers - a $50 printer costs you $60 in ink to fill it up!” We really need to be BD Media have prices sliced in half.


During the year, some of the nonsense can be blamed with the wholeseller, but in Q4 etail is gearing up for the holiday sales-- upon which they HOARD product for fear of coming up short (and risk future business & repeat sales)… Blu ray burners are sure to be on the list, particularly at NEWEGG this season so I’m not surprised they are almost discouraging BUYING NOW when in less than 70-- tick, make that 69 days…
it will be at some lower expected price… maybe with a media bundle too.

I know a segment of the “enthusiast” market is waiting for prices for hardware and media to come down further because for video, there are DVD divx players that can output in HI-DEF 1080p under a dvd5 or dvd9s can provide sufficient capacity for compressed video albeit at lower bitrates. Also, the substrates while ready for the general consumer- leave much room for improvment on longevity and recording error rates which are an acceptable ratio given a 0-2% for dvds but a 5-10% (of the disc) error rates. This is important for data archiving… the stakes are obviously higher to lose 25gb fs 5 - 8gb. Many junk quality dvdRs have already corrupted since the early days of dvd recordables. (2003ish). Some really horrible ones from circuitcity (next branded) from years ago are making the rounds for trash pickup as I weed out the corrupted discs from my archive.


I see that Egghead’s got the Liteon 124 DVD-burners going for $15 with free shipping today, Sep 15th. Definitely a great time to snag a few SATA backup drives for inventory at that price.


That’s an DBK, even its called BDR-207DBKS.
And it has no BDXL write support of course.