Pioneer bdr-206mbk



I was wondering if anyone’s got a chance to review this new BDXL drive from Pioneer… we all know that burning 100gb of data will take quite some time, but on these rainy days left of summer why not…?

Can’t fathom what MBK must mean… Murder, Burn, Kill (to demonstrate the use of a HIGHER POWER laser to get to layers 3 & 4 of the disc, maybe?)


I seem to remember something about the stuff you get with the drive. MBK is the OEM version (which is recommended judging by the bad bundled software) while EBK is the full Retail with all the bloatware you need. Citation needed. I forgot where I read this, either here on the boards (search function…) or amazon.


The ‘M’ letter indicates that it’s capable of burning TL and QL discs. ‘BK’ has always been ‘[B]B[/B]lac[B]K[/B]’. Pioneer has different packaging for different parts of the world. See here for an explanation on the 207 drive.


Exactly what KTL posted!!