Pioneer BDR-206 writes VERY SLOW

I had wiped the registry on my HD and my Copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit. was N/G. Bought a new HD and had Staples install Windows 7 64 Bit. on my computer. Now my Pioneer 206 writes very slow. Firmware ver. 1.06. Any Ideas?

What program are you using to burn?


Have you tried any other programs to burn? You’re burning DVDs right?

By the way, what’s your definition of slow?

No, Yes, I’ve used CloneDVD for years and it has served me well. 24 Mins to read and write a dvd that is 1.5 hrs. long. Something isn’t right with either the Software, windows 7 Ultimate or the way that the Dvd Writer is set up in the Bios.


Do you mean 24 minutes to rip the dvd. Then another 24 minutes to burn it?

Burning at 12x, it usually takes 8 to 9 minutes to burn a dvd-video to a disc using ImgBurn. I don’t recall offhand ripping speed for my main dvd burner.

I don’t use CloneDVD, so you’ll have to tell me whether or not you can set burning speed in it.

Have you checked for updated motherboard chipset drivers for you computer? The SATA controller drivers should be in them, though on occasion you’ll run into a motherboard with two separate SATA controllers, and the secondary one will require different drivers installed. Have you tried a different SATA port on the motherboard for this optical drive?

Hi [I]dodgeboy[/I]. :wink:
Sorry to hear abouth your problems (I’ve 2x BDR-206 running in our house on Windoze XP, W7, W8 and Linux without a hitch).

Please post us an .txt output file from your box with Nero Info Tool.

Are you still using the same brand of blank discs that you did before?

How long did it used to take?

I’m using the same DVD’s I have used for the last couple of years. I feel that I’m either locked into something like I’m burning at 2x. Or it has something to do with the Drivers. If it is the drivers I’m stuck, NEED HELP. It took 24 Mins. total to read (rip) and Write. AnyDVD and Clone2. Something happened when the new info was loaded on the new HD.


How many minutes did it take when it was fast?

About 15 Mins.


Please post us an .txt output file from your box with Nero Info Tool.[/QUOTE]

Follow pinto2s advice please.

I would, if I understood what he wanted.

[QUOTE=dodgeboy;2703688]I would, if I understood what he wanted.[/QUOTE]

Nero InfoTool can output a .txt log file. Run on your machine (your box) and grab that for us, please. :slight_smile: