Pioneer BDR-206 Riplock?

First time posting out here, forgive me if I do something wrong or post this in the wrong place.

I just ordered the Pioneer BDR-205 through a third party seller on Amazon (Firemall, LLC) for $149.99. When I received it, the box said BDR-205, my packing slip says BDR-205, but the actual drive is a BDR-206. Since this drive was sold through a third party on Amazon, they tell me that I have to pay return shipping costs on the item. That’s alot of BS! Anyway, I’m considering keeping the drive if the BDR-206 is not “riplocked” and if they will refund me the difference in price. I’ve searched high and low across these forums and across the web, but I have yet to find a definitive answer as to whether the BDR-206 is riplocked. I saw one review on Amazon that says that it is. Can someone in here help me out with this? Does anyone own this drive and know for sure? And also, what softwares seem to work best for ripping? I want to make backups of all of my current Blu Ray discs. I currently have the full version of DVD Fab. Any help will be much appreciated

206 does not have riplock. 206’s BD-R SL read speed is faster than 205 because 206 uses 8x(P-CAV) while 205 uses 8x(CAV).

Picture 1,2: ripping BD-ROM DL
Picture 3,4: ripping BD-ROM SL
Picture 5,6: Reading BD-ROM SL

Awesome! Thanks alot for the info. I guess I’ll just see if “Firemall” will credit the difference back to me. Have a good one. :slight_smile:

Refund for what?

You must be joking.

[QUOTE=chef;2567097]Refund for what?

You must be joking.[/QUOTE]

Not joking. I paid $150 for the BDR-205. The 206 model is $118. So they owe me $32, since they shipped me the BDR-206 model.

Ah, that you meant.

Is the 206 made in china??

I don’t know if all of the BDR-206 are made in China, but the one that I received is.