Pioneer BDR-206 Only Recognizes Older Bluray Disks

I have a strange problem with my Pioneer BDR-206 bluray drive I’m hoping to get some help with.
The drive only seems to recognize older bluray movie disks as valid media, but not newer releases.
When an older movie disk’s loaded, for example the first Austin Powers movie “International man of Mystery”, the drive quickly determines the disk contains a movie and the file system on the disk is viewable from the operating system. But if I load a later release, for example Austin Powers “Goldmember”, the drive activity LED lights up and I’ll hear the drive head move across the disk about 10 times, the the activity LED goes out, and that’s all. At that point my operating system won’t list any file related information for the disk installed. If I try and force the operating system to display file related info for the disk, by entering “e:” into Windows Explorer, the drive tray is opened and a message pop’s up requesting I load a disk. The same problem also occurs with the disks I rent from Redbox.
It doesn’t appear to be related to media condition, since it happens with new disks in perfect condition, as well as used disks; and all disks the BDR-206 doesn’t recognize play perfectly in a Pioneer BDC-207D on the same computer, as well as in a recently purchased LG drive on a different computer.
Firmware on the drive is the latest, FW 1.06, Opti Drive Control Tool was used to create a test BD-R, which ran though verify without any errors (I’ve attached the results below), and the drive otherwise runs as expected with no other issues.
On the software side, my computer’s running Win 7, sp1, and the same driver is being used for both the BDR-206 and BDC-207D.
I’d appreciate any thoughts on how to correct this problem, as well as feedback from others with a Pioneer BDR-206 to verify if there drives have a similar problem.