Pioneer BDR-206 not supported by PowerDVD?

I am looking for an answer to a problem with Blu-ray disk playback. I have just bought a Pioneer BDR-206 drive for my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit PC. I can use Nero 10 to burn a BD image and it will play on the standalone player (LG BD560). But when I try to play it on the PC with PowerDVD 10 I get an error: “There is a disk with an unsupported format in drive D:”. However, I can actually play individual m2ts files OK. I have upgraded firmware to 1.04 to no avail. Also when I run CyberLink Blu-ray Disk & 3D Advisor it reports Blu-ray Disk Drive: Not found.

Does anyone have any idea as to what might be wrong here? Is it just a support issue between PowerDVD and BDR-206?

Seems that there is a setup problem with your drive…

Thanks chef. Any idea how to fix it? I’ve already tried reinstalling. No joy.

Do you have DAEMON Tools installed?

Or AnyDVD?