Pioneer BDR-206 DVDFab Firmware and Disks

Is any one successfully useing the Pioneer BDR-206 & with what media?
Is any one using Optical Quantum Glossy Inkjet hub printable disks?
Yes I do appreciate the fact that Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim make really good quality and most compatable BDR disks. However, the Glossy photo grade finish on the Optical Quantum make a ausome finished product. To my knowledge Optical Quantum is the only BDR at this time with this Glossy finish.

I am currently useing the new beta version of DVDfab. My best success rate is to Back up the BR Movie to .iso and them burn the Iso to disk. Posibly just a coincidence. Does’t make sense but I know most of my problen is a Pioneer firmware (1.05) issue.

If anyone is successfully useing Optical Quantum Glossy let me know with what burner and I will replace my Pioneer.

As always thnaks for all the help and suggestions.