Pioneer BDR-205BKS $190 free shipping @ Newegg



Just ordered one thought I would share the link also get a SL blank disc with it


Did you get any software with it? I’m trying to decide between this one, and the LG @ $150.


it came with some software, PowerDVD 8.0, PowerDirector 7.0 and Power2Go 6.0, all CyberLink. BTW the blank disc they gave me says “Disc ID: PHILIP-R04-00” in IMGburn with 10x over burn but I will be burning it at 4x.

EDIT: Also I have a LG GGW-H20L and LG seemed to drop support for it really fast


Thanks. I waited too long, deal dead.


The GGW-20L I got came with a similar package of the same stuff, also a BD-RE disk that I still use to test out copies and ideas.
The things are pretty useless without any software and a blank till the prices come down on that kind of thing.


With any luck blue ray burners should be around $100 by next year… first on the list is a bigger hard drive to justify a blue ray backup solution! I also don’t see why they can’t increase the dvd burning speed over 16x? There are 24x burners available today yet these are 8-10x on blue ray and only 16x on dvd…



Down to $168.48 shipped at newegg.

$184.99 - 10% (Promo code EMCYTYP55) + $1.99 shipping = $168.48


[QUOTE=tmc8080;2505111]… I also don’t see why they can’t increase the dvd burning speed over 16x? There are 24x burners available today yet these are 8-10x on blue ray and only 16x on dvd…


I really don’t understand this fixation on speed. I burn everything on 12x. Why, because the quality is better, so what if it takes 7 min. instead of 4. I quality scan all my discs with Discspeed and above 12x there is a noticeable drop off. It’s all about quality not speed. I use only TY (now JVC) 8x +R T02 and burn at 12x period. Best discs burned at optimum speed for best quality. What are you doing that so important that saving 3 min. is so crucial? As for 24x burners, there are only a couple discs that can burn at that speed and when you do there are tons of errors.


It’s not about burning faster… actually the max I burn at is 16x… whereas your limit is 12x-- mine is 16… I do notice the drop-off beyond 16x that I’m not willing to go because most media made today is horrible (at B&M) and the Verbatim AZO’s are at least tolerable. It’s about having the capability (feature) much like overclocking a cpu these days is the default setting on many Intel and Amd cpu’s. At some point, one doesn’t ask about the quality of the computations per second, just the end result. In optical media, it’s a disc that can be read back for a few years.

$169 seems to be the lowest price for this drive sofar. I’m also disappointed that LG & Pioneer make up the lions share of the Blu-Ray recorder market… this is not good :disagree::doh: Other companies are only dipping their toes in the reader/dvd writer combo market, which is all-but worthless, imo… those drives should have virtually no premium to ordinary dvd burners these days & yet they are even around $60-$100. The mass market psychologial number is $99 for a blu-ray burner at which many consumers will take the plunge. Above that, they can’t really justify it as an essential part of a desktop system (in terms of price per gb of optical storage & total cost of ownership).


When DVD burners were starting to take over, it seems like Sony, Lite-On, Memorex, and other companies put out a swath of 52x CD-only burners. Here’s one:

Now that DVD burners are out, it seems like they will only write CDs at a maximum of 40x or 48x. It’s like manufacturers only had the 52x for the marketing hype, and 52x was not worth the hit in quality for a few seconds faster of a burn.

I think the same thing is happening with Blu-ray burners. Manufacturers have decided that 16x is the fpoint of diminishing returns, and have carried 16x DVD writing capabilities over to the Blu-ray burners, instead of carrying over the 24x capabilities. Also, I’m sure the last thing they’d want is someone returning one of their expensive Blu-ray burners because someone got a coaster DVD at 24x. Better to play it safer and only do 16x.