Pioneer BDR-205BK

The Pioneer BDR-205BK uses the RENESAS R8J32720FPV (same as the LG BH10)

Ritek Branded 4x BD-R SL in Jewel Case
RITEK.BR2 (000)

Verbatim 16x DVD+R MCC-004

Fast BD burn and great quality on that MCC004.
Impressive. :iagree:

nice drive, really would like to get my hands on one

Well - I hate the new CD freaks layout:a

But the Pioneer BDR-205 appears to be quite IMPRESSIVE,
I just got one the other day thru ($245 w? software
that is supposed to come in 2 weeks???), and I had to test out
the 12x burning ability. So I burned a 22 GB movie (Spiderman)
which had been decrypted with Anydvdhd(:iagree:) and used
MEI RA1 001 (Panasonic 6x 25GB BD) media, here is the
Disc Quality screenshot using Optidrive 141 and a
Lite On iHES208 (8L09) drive:

The LDC seems to be about 10 with one bad peak at 10.3 GB
where you can see a read dip (light blue line), and the BIS
errors are great, besides the dip the error values are better
than any of my other BluRay writers - and the write speed
got up to 11.7x:

Imgburn said I had a write speed miscompare - I had
autowritespeed set right at 12x and IMGBURN said I only
got 10x - yet it burned up to 11.7:doh:-I’ll have to ask
Lightning UK about that issue.
Nice drive - ONLY gripe - it’s read speed is sssslow…:cool:

Very nice.

What burst rate are you getting?

[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2458606]Very nice.

What burst rate are you getting?[/QUOTE]

:oI’ve heard about burst rate - pls educate me on what it means and is it something that can be tested for using opti drive or nero discspeed? I am having a bit of a computer personality problem currently - so I am busy trying to repair it. It would be nice if you would take the time and clue me in…I would be happy to tell you once I understand.

In nero cd-dvd speed, choose BURST RATE test (F6).

[QUOTE=chef;2458744]In nero cd-dvd speed, choose BURST RATE test (F6).[/QUOTE]

Thank you [B][U]chef[/U][/B]- it has to do with max. throughput if I’m not mistaken… I will post after I test it out…:flower:

Yeah, please post the results here.

NewEgg has them in stock, but there just a little pricey at $82,000.

Open box no less! Wonder what the Retail is going to cost?

Original Price: $99,999.00
You Save: $17,999.00

so if open box is 82,000, retail probably will be 99,999, savings of 17,999 will be lost

Ahh but that is the OEM price of $99,999 retail box is always more :wink:

Thank you chef and MegaDeath for my education on burst rate measurement - I’m sorry it has taken so long, but I am getting 36 MB/sec. See screenshot:


[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2459417]Ahh but that is the OEM price of $99,999 retail box is always more ;)[/QUOTE]

a little pricey…

[QUOTE=SLOVEHEART;2459905] I am getting 36 MB/sec.

Maybe this is why I got the write speed miscompare - The burst rate is below 12x speed (54 MB/sec) - then I wonder how I got a max of 11.8 (@53 MB/sec)???

I burned some BD DL discs (Sonies Panasonic made MEI T02 001 discs).

First is a movie burned at 8X that looks great, then comes a movie burned at 10x that still looks good, but the LDC and BIS error values are higher.

8X burn (write speed):

Disc quality (8x):

10X burn (write speed):

Disc quality (10x):

the error values for the 10x burn are less than with a Buffalo 8X BR816SU2 drive at 4x - that’s less than half the burn speed and better results!!!:bow:

NewEgg finally has them in at a reasonable price

[QUOTE=Hef;2461444]NewEgg finally has them in at a reasonable price[/QUOTE]

Your right - see bargain basement( you could post finds like this there, it will get more exposure in that forum:flower: