Pioneer BDR-205 Question

I LOVE this drive. Write quality is superb…quiet…fast…lives up to the reputation. BUT…one question. I notice that the drawer button in the front seems a bit flimsy. A lot of wiggle in it…I have given it a pretty good look and it seems that the button is embedded in a silver cover behind the bezel. Question for 205 owners…is your drawer button loose feeling…or do I need to get a replacement from the egg before my 30 days is up???



I think I now know what you mean. The button does stick out more than any other drive I have owned and while it does move up and down I would not say it is defective.

I don’t think it’s defective, either. Just have to be careful…for the button is a bit wobbly and I think with mistreatment …it can come off. So I am exttemely careful not to let that happen. Other than that…I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this drive…quality, etc. But that is another topic…

Thanks for your reply


It does stick out a little bit more than my other drives but isn’t wobbly at all. It feels just like my BenQ and Pioneer 115 DVD drives.

Mine sticks out as well, but I don’t think it’s defective, I think it’s just design. I just got my drive today btw, it’s made in November 2009.