Pioneer BDR-205 Made in China

I’ve been reviewing posts made referencing the BDR-205. At first I thought these drives were made in Japan but it now appears Pioneer has shifted production to China.

Is there any reason to believe the units produced in China would not have the same quality as the Japanese units? I hope some of the BDR-205 owners with China made units can comment on this.

I would like to get a BDR-205 but am not sure I want a Chinese produced unit given the production quality control issues in general from China produced goods. Perhaps the Pioneer folks have overcome this.

If you want MIJ then grab a BDR-S05!

my BDR-205 is made in China, had the burner since it was available in the store and so far nothing broke or exploded.

but I have to say I was rather disapointed when I saw made in china label.

Thanks for the replies. If the 205’s are mostly made in China now I may also consider the 206’s. Outside of being a new Pioneer model I can’t see much difference between the two drives.

I don’t seem to find any bdr-s05’s available. The local Fry’s electronics has the bdr-2205 (I think that’s the retail version of the 205). Maybe I’ll have a look and see if they have any MIJ drives (assuming there is something on the packaging that indicates MIJ or MIC).

Chef, I thought I read a note where you were looking at the 206. Did you get one and if so what are your impressions of the 206?

You can’t avoid buying hardware MIC since a while…
If you want a Pioneer BD-R MIJ then buy one in Japan.

I wanted to buy that 206 but their paying restrictions made me stopping this case.

Now I’m waiting for news from a contact who checks for the MIJ BDR-x06! :clap:

Well, the original question wasn’t centered on I absolutely need an MIJ unit but whether an MIC unit would have acceptable QC when compared against the same model MIJ unit. I fail to see how, “if you want an MIJ unit then buy one in Japan”, has any relevance.

I do believe the Japanese have been practicing quality much longer than most and in particular the Chinese. That’s why I was more interested in MIJ than MIC. That said, Nekrosoft13 has an MIC BDR-205 and hasn’t had any issues with it and likes the drive (at least as far as I can tell). So, I am now looking at MIC units with a little less apprehension.

I think I will pop for the BDR-206 from Amazon since they have a low price on it.

You expect too much from us…

I’ve never read an complaint about their BDR MIC burners yet, so I’d say they are good in quality.

I am impressed by the amount of information and how the disc scans burned by various drives are posted in this forum. I think since I haven’t read any bad news that about MIC bdr-205’s that they may be okay. Either that or there are a lot of MIJ bdr-205 owners in here.

You are spot on that it is difficult to avoid MIC drives.

Good luck on the MIJ BDR-x06 you are checking on and thanks for the information.