Pioneer BDR-205 cannot see BD discs



So I just received my BDR-205 drive. I opened my system, took out my DVD-RW drive, replaced it with the BDR, and turned on the system. Everything booted up fine. Windows XP (SP3) told me in the little corner that it detected the drive.

I open up Windows Explorer and it shows it as “DVD-RAM Drive (F: )”

I then stick in a Blu-Ray movie. It changes to “CD Drive” and when I click on it, instead of getting the files and folders, it waits maybe 10 seconds and then pops up the error window saying:

"Disk is not formatted

Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows."

I pop the disc out, try out a DVD movie and it plays perfectly fine. Also reads original CDs fine.

Is there some kind of extra driver that needs to be installed for Windows to see Blu-Rays?



Windows XP cannot read UDF 2.5 ( filesystem used in BD ) . You need a newer OS or install a driver for UDF 2.5.

PowerDVD HD can play BD movies even without a driver in winxp.

Look here for a driver :


Toshiba made a UDF 2.5 driver for XP back when they were pushing the HD-DVD format. You can download it here:

You’ll need software specifically designed for Blu ray playback if you want to access the entire disk. PowerDVD, WinDVD, and Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater are three of the most popular software programs for this…none are free. You can play the main movie m2ts file using VLC or Media Player Classic HomeCinema.


Thanks, both of you, but…

I tried looking on that Weblinks site, but it’s all in German and I have no clue what I’m supposed to be looking for.

And when I attempted to install the file from Toshiba, the installer says “It is not possible to install it in this PC” and then closes. :S


Look through this entire thread.


I suppose that you use Winxp 32bits.

Try this:

Use the password in the page:

I already tested this software and it works fine.


Thanks, guys. I grabbed the files from the temp folder for the Toshiba package and everything shows up perfectly fine now. :slight_smile: