Pioneer bdr-205 2x read speed windows 7

I currently use a sony optirac 7240s (cd’s, dvd) and a pioneer BDR-205 (blu rays). I use Windows 7 x64 for operating system.

I am using the Pioneer to do data backups. When using Nero I can do writes and reads at the drives rated speed (using UDF data Format). Disc writes at 4x with verify take about 40 minutes (writing 23GB data).

If I place a burned disc in the drive and use Windows explorer to copy the data to a hard drive it will only read from the drive at the 2x speed. For a full disk this takes an hour (Nero can read the same disc in under 20 minutes). I have the same problem with any restore software that uses the windows 7 operating system to read the disc (reads limited to 2x).

Is there any software I can buy that will allow me to copy data from the Pioneer drive to a Hard drive at a faster speed?

My other option is to replace the Drive.

I am looking at:

  1. LG WH14NS40
  2. Pioneer BDR-2208

Does any one know what the read speed of these drives will be when doing copies using Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system?

In terms of the data being backed up, are you backing up multiple small files or one large file?

Try FastCopy.

Data file sizes are 2 Gbytes, 10 - 12 files until the bluray disk is full.

I bought a LG WH14NS40 today. I put one of backup disks that was created with the Pioneer BDR-205 in it. Using Windows Explorer Copy, it was able to read the 23GB disk in 11 minutes (average read rate was 8x). The same disk took an hour to read with the Pioneer Drive.

I do not know why the Pioneer BDR-205 is staying at a 2X read rate when using Windows Explorer copy command. It works fine when using Nero Burning Rom. Is this normal for this drive?

I would have bought a Pioneer 2208 because it has better quality disc burn performance, but I was afraid that the same read throttling might happen.

Does your BDR-205 have the latest firmware? Is it a retail drive by any chance?

I bought the drive 2 -3 years ago, it was probably an oem drive. Firmware is at version 1.11 current version American Website. The Pioneer Japanese site has a version 1.12. I did not install this version.