Pioneer BDR-203BK Compatible Media

Hi there.
I tried my first attempt at burning some data onto a blu-ray disc today. I bought these from ebay:

Imageburn tells me that incorrect media has been installed and fails to burn. I have Vista X64 SP2 and in “Computer” it does not recognise a blank blu-ray is in the drive.

I played Blade Runner with PowerDVD so that works at least

I upgraded the firmware today and still no joy. I guess I have just bought blanks that are not good for my drive. What media do you guys use for the 203BK? I just want a cheaper 10 spindle pack to mess about with for now. Any good place in the UK to buy?

check here for compatible media

buy well know brands, unless you are brake and willing to take a chance on some unknow probably chinesse unreliable media.

I’m using Ridata 4x media that I’ve picked up on sale at a local store in the US, $35 for 15 pieces, and it burns at near 8x on this burner. I’m ok with Ridata, it’s not my first choice, but just like I did with DVDs, I used cheap Ridatas without problems on a Pioneer burner until Verbatims got universally cheap. Maybe in 5 years. :slight_smile: