Pioneer BDR-202 : Posts your scans and questions here



Pioneer BDR-202 Blu-ray burner (SATA)

Powered by Renesas R8J32500FPV chipset


DVD+R writing test.
Taiyo Yuden 000T03 (not a good batch)
Burn speed 12x
Firmware 1.04

Nice result


Very Nice burn. I anticipate this thread not so many folks will be participating since not many folks have the cash for this drive. I am excluded from this elite thread


doesn’t burn blu-ray DL media?


No DL media sold yet. You are not going to see it for at least another year. Just like DVD media. Took them a long time to develop it, especially the DVD-R DL disc


This is not true.

BD DL media is available since a while for normal beings.
Eg from TDK and SONY.


Expensive but quite available:


Maxell Music XL-II 80 AudioCD-R Ritek MID:97m15s17f Made in China
Pioneer BDR-202BK fw.1.08
NERO 2016 x10


Sigma CD-R Made in Tajwan CMC 97m26s66f
Pioneer BDR-202BK fw.1.08
Nero 2016 x16