Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-Ray drive ready for Pre-order in UK



I just posted the article Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-Ray drive ready for Pre-order in UK.

With Blu-Ray close to being
launched it seems the first signs of Blu-Ray writers creeping into
the UK
market have begun. It seems the Pioneer BDR-101A is already
available for…

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Still think it’s kind of expensive. If I remember correctly first DVD burners from Sony only cost around $500 with the second generation only $350.


The first Pioneer DVD-R drive was just under $17000 so i guess this aint bad.


Yup I remember when dvd burners were 2grand in 2000/01 Anyhow complaing this is to expensive is like complaining a Rolls Royce is to expensive. I mean yes it’s far out of our reach but they are not selling it to middle/lower class consumers right now. So cry all you want because they arn’t listening because we arn’t the one’s they are marketing this towards right now. Thus the reason you see no adverts from Sony/Pioneer/Toshiba on any consumer websites. I bet if you go look at some buisness websites or IT websites then I bet you can or will find something about these products.


Well the price isn’t so bad. It will fall I guess on second and thirde generation drives. HOWEVER, if the price of media stays high, I will stick to DVD-R (they are still a bit expencive). And most people will stay away from Blu-Ray and HD-DVD if media prices don’t get low fast.


It’s more all that DRM and newish regioncoding implementation news that bothers me with that new formats… On the other side, I need something to store some HD content aside from HDDs.


What about for data backup/archival?