Pioneer BDC-202BK Playback Issue - no video! Please help



Hi everyone,

I bought my first Blu-Ray DVD last night (Region B - I am in the UK).

The problem is that I get sound, but no video.

I am running the folllowing:

  • Vista 64 bit ultimate

  • Nero 8 with blu ray plugin.

  • Pioneer BDC-202BK firware version 1.01 via SATA. (I cannot upgrade to the latest version, is this because it is an OEM version? If so, what can I do about this?)

  • 2 x HIS ATI Radeon HD 4870 in CrossfireX

  • Samsung Syncmaster T200 HD

  • Newest version of ATi catalyst with Vista x64 hotfix

  • Using a DVI to HDMI adapater at the back of the GPU, plugging into my HDMI slot on my monitor.

Now I have tried different resolutions (downscaling) and different regions just in case, but nothing has worked.

I also tried using DVI-DVI, but I got nothing again.

I did notice that the when I viewed the playback information when Nero was playing, it reported that the resolution was 1920x1080, regardless of the fact that I was running in a lower resolution in Windows. I cannot see any settings to change this in Nero though?

Has anyone got any ideas? are there any known issues with my GPU’s and Vista 64bit and blu-ray? I’m struggling to find solutions.

I intend to try the PowerDVD trial tonight to see if I can get any results.

Any help would be great (especially about upgrading the firmware of my OEM drive)



Nero showtime somethings do that (no video) in my system. Yes try Powerdvd.


I had the same problem,try the new OMEGA DRIVERS and you will have a VIDEO :iagree: