Pioneer BDC-202 good compatibility?



I can get a Pioneer BDC-202 at a real cheap price (bulk deal at work), but as Bluray video isn’t that high on my list now (but will be in 6 months or so) I’ll be mainly using the DVD +/- R functionality.

I use, almost exclusively, TY T02 and T03, some TYG03, as well as Verbatim MCC003 and 02RG20. Also MKM003 MIT and MIS.

My current Pioneer, a DVR-212 performs satisfactory, I would not settle for less. Unfortunately, I have no more room for another drive, I will have to remove the old Pioneer if I decide to get this new BD compatible drive.

So will the BDC-202 give me the same quality burns I’m used to, or is it a worse writer for the media I use?



You could take a look at the BDR-202 review if you havent yet:

The BDC-202 should perform quite similar.


Actually, I doubt you can just assume they’ll perform similarly. The BDC is ‘just’ a DVD writer with added BD rom functionality, whereas the BDR is a BD writer, and one could assume the engineers concentrated on BD-R quality.

Thanks for the link though. I’ll read through it, out of curiosity, but I would very much like feedback on the BDC model itself.



Being a Pioneer, I’m sure it would work very nicely with high quality media.

I’m not too fussed about quality scans, if it works well and the TRT and scans are acceptable, then I don’t really care. I’d be shocked if it produced bad results with the media you plan to use on it!