Pioneer BD Drive Utility is in Japanese! (BDR-S09J-X)



I just bought the Pioneer BDR-S09J-X drive and I want to install the BD Drive Utility, but I only found the Japanese version.

I have no idea what those settings do, it’s all… japanese to me :slight_smile:

I know some settings are to tweak DOWN features (like drive power and such). I wonder - if I don’t install it, does my drive function at full capacity/quality, or does the utility also tweak UP some features that are disabled by default?

Thanks a lot!


Your drive functions perfectly fine out of the box. The drive should perform the same as any other 209 in every way.

That said, is there a specific feature you could find only in the S09J-X that isn’t available in other versions of the 209?


Thank you for your reply and clarifying the situation, Albert.

I got this drive because it’s supposed to improve Audio CD ripping and also because it was the latest release from Pioneer. My previous drive (still in my computer) is the 207M and I wanted an upgrade.


Use this one:

Pioneer Drive Utility for BDR-S09J-X


Installation in japanese, just use default values. After that working in english.


Yes, it worked. Thank you so much, HM01!