Pioneer BD drive not recognizing DVD-RW



I’ve got some old DVD-RW’s from Pleomax/Samsung. They are VERY old, and still going strong.

No problems in my recently replaced Optiarc drive.

My new Pioneer BDR209DBK under ImgBurn reports “Device not ready (Incompatible Medium Installed)”.

Not ALL of the discs, just one of four.

Bad drive? Poor firmware? Pioneer just worse at reading discs with scratches or other quality issues? Any suggestions?


You don’t say type of media you use and if its that old-I’d say its your media and not the pioneer drive.


What info do you need besides DVD-RW from Pleomax/Smasung? I could probably grab one of the working discs and get a manufacturer’s ID off of it.


I just reconnected the Sony Optiarc and re-tested the disc in question and it played okay.

Tested on a standalone Philips DVR/DVDr and a Sony BD player and it is fine.

Did a full erase with the Optiarc drive and the Pioneer will now spin the disc up (that’s an improvement), but said the disc wasn’t empty.

Tried a quick erase with ImgBurn via the Pioneer and got:

W 15:58:02 Potential ‘WaitImmediateIO’ Deferred Error - (99%, 0/2) - L-EC Uncorrectable Error
E 15:58:02 Failed to Erase Disc! - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
E 15:58:02 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:02:20

Are Pioneer drives just bad at reading (possibly) problem discs?
Any suggestions here?
It sucks doing an exchange on the drive over one disc, but I will if you all think there is a reason to be concerned.


Update (since I can’t edit a post): Replacement drive reacts the same to the RW disc.
Barring a firmware update, I guess that’s what it is.


What is the MID (as requested above; this is a code detected by software, and listed in the full Imgburn log, so if you could post that, that would be fine)?

If they are very old, it’s probable that they would cause trouble in many drives. RW discs are very fickle, and some drives are bad at burning them at a high quality in the first place, which makes issues for a lot of drives that come after it and write to it. I see you say you have used them recently with an Optiarc; if you scan the disc with the same Optiarc after you successfully write to them, we can see what kind of state they are in. They are possibly very degraded, and if the Pioneer isn’t great at writing to that particular RW model, then you’d probably have the issue you see now.


Sold as Samsung Pleomax:

Supported Write Speeds: 2x, 4x

Never mind. Decided to do more testing on the disc in question today and nothing will erase, read or burn to it. It must have just been on the edge of being done and the Pioneer was only the first to react to that.

Thanks for the help folks.


EXCEPT, now another of the DVD-RW is having problems.

W 13:11:51 Potential ‘WaitImmediateIO’ Deferred Error - (93%, 0/2) - Read Retries Exhausted
E 13:11:51 Failed to Erase Disc! - Reason: Read Retries Exhausted
E 13:11:51 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:34

Nero’s error is “Erasing failure. Unrecoverable read error.”

Erased on a different drive, worked okay. Burned the disc on the Pioneer and it burned and verified fine.
Clicked erase again and got the same error.

My concerns are a bad strategy for this particular disc and in light of the other disc going bad after this started if the Pioneer is outright killing these discs.



UNLESS the disc was damaged by the Pioneer on its first attempt to erase it, it would seem that my DVD-RW’s are on their last legs.
To be fair, I bought these a loooong time ago and have used them a lot.

I did a series of burn tests using the disc currently giving me trouble (the original problem disc was thrown out) and a “good” disc from the same pack.
Disc quality scans were done with a Sony Optiarc 7260s (as were some burns for comparison).

These discs never did produce great quality burns, but it is apparent that the Sony just handles these discs a hair better. Still, it seems pretty clear the bad disc is toast and the “good” disc isn’t much better.

Thanks for listening to me rant.


The Pioneer actually appears to handle the discs better looking at PIF, but that could happen if the Optiarc wrote the discs after the Pioneer.