Pioneer Autorun Issue

Lately my Pioneer A09 been acting up, I have it for over 2 years now. Lately what’s been happening is that the drive won’t autorun half of the time.

I can insert a disc, and nothing will happen, when I start the game, drive kicks in and detects the disc just fine then.

Other times, when I insert a disc, nothing happens, I eject, insert again, still nothing, I do that about 3-4 times, and finally it autoruns.

My second drive, BenQ DW1655 autoruns every single time.

I have 4 sata HDDs
And both optical drives are on separate IDE channel, Pioneer is on the primary on IDE0 and BenQ is the primary on IDE1.

Any ideas?

A09 for [B]TWO[/B] years !!!
I don’t think it has been that long .
Any way , it is happening to me with both my Pioneer 110 and Benq 1640 , I dissconnected the 110 and Benq now autoruns .
Maybe it is software related than drive’s problem , I suggest that you try the drive in another PC

well its about two years old

ok, i will try in another PC, i still would like to get it to work on my main pc


Autorun must be set for each drive and each type of content.
You might want to check in the properties of the Pioneer from My computer.

It might be set not to do anything for some type of content (Audio, Video, Data…)

Autorun enabled? Haven’t youlearned from the recent issues with that??

Does this mean we should disable autorun ?
How to disable it with Win XP MCE 2005 ?