Pioneer AO6/DVR-106D Burning problems

I have 4 Pioneer A06 burners and have had great success burning with 5 different media types at 4x, this was until about 6 weeks ago.

The main function of these drives is PS2/Xbox backups, but also movies. They do get a lot of use and each would have burnt around 1500-2000 discs each.

6 weeks ago, the first of the four started producing poor quality burns, where there was a fade ring at about the halfway point on the face of the disc. These discs when tested, failed and some are now being used as drink coasters. As a temporary measure I dropped the speed back to 2x and started acheiving successful burns again. 2 weeks passed and a second drive started producing similar results and it has been droped back to 2x. Yesterday drive 3, same result. I now have 3 drives running at 2x and it seems the fourth may be next.

It doesn’t seem to be a power calibration issue, or media related.

I have had successful results with Princo, Melody, Ritek, Databank and Verbatim. The 3 Sony DRU 500’s are running fine, but have only ever run at 2x speed consistently. I have just put up with that.

The Sony Drives have the latest firmware, however I have seen no need to update the Pioneer’s as they have run beautifully until recently.

Any ideas anyone? Has anyone had this problem and resloved it? Or is it old age/overuse. These drives are nearly 6 months old

I was looking at setting up a 7 tray duplicator with Pioneer, but currently having second thoughts.

7 units x1500to2000 Xbox and PS2 backups…10,500 to 14,000 backup burns…Wow you must have some tough kids using your Playstation and X box…

1500-200 discs! Wow!:eek:

Maybe the burner is just being “over-worked”? If the amount of burns you had made which BoogieBlues had calculated is correct, it could just be wear and tear from usage of your burners. But then I could be worng here.


so your telling me you have around 8000 bought games/dvd? :cop:
Either you are breaking a lot of discs due to bad handling technique and need to keep making more “backup discs” or you aren’t doing something particualry legal… :eek:

What is it that you actually do i why u need so many discs? :confused:

Sorry, I have just checked the logs on the drives and it seems I have way way over estimated the use of them. It seemed as though I had done a lot more.

In total it was 1561 for all 4.

I am not selling these games or movies. Most of the movies have been VHS backups for friends and family, they total about 500.

I have about 12 or so friends who all want game backups.

Apologies if I wasted anyones time, or used the forum for the wrong purpose.

1: Have you upgraded to firmware 1.07? I had the same problem on ritek made discs until I upgraded to firmware 1.07
2: Tried any DVD+R discs? Many DVD+R discs seems to be higher quality than most DVD-R discs.

Princo, Melody, Ritek, Databank = brands that is very varying in quality!!! But verbatim datalifeplus should be good thoug…

Have you restarted your computer to see if that have any effect?

I have upgraded to 1.07f, but haven’t tried +R, they seem to be a lot harder to get hold of here in Australia and more expensive.

I’ll try some and see what happens.

Thank you.